Wacker team honored with innovation award for development of advanced bonding technology

Adrian, MI, USA, Oct 28, 2020

A team of three WACKER employees were honored at the Adhesives and Sealants Council (ASC) Innovation Awards Ceremony for their contributions in advancing adhesion technology. Announced at the ASC Convention and EXPO event held virtually November 4-6, Wacker Chemical Corporation’s Principal Chemist for Construction Sealants and Adhesives Toby Vick (Michigan), WACKER’s Head of the Laboratory for Global Product Development Dr. Volker Stanjek (Germany) and WACKER’s Technical Marketing Manager for Construction Sealants & Adhesives Dr. Lars Zander (Germany) were awarded as the second runner up winners for their innovation in advancing adhesive technology.

Pictured left to right: Dr. Volker Stanjek, Head of the Laboratory for Global Product Development; Dr. Lars Zander, Technical Marketing Manager for Construction sealants & Adhesives and Toby Vick, Wacker Chemical Corporation’s Principal Chemist for Construction Sealants and Adhesives were honored as the 2nd runner up winners for the Adhesives and Sealants Council (ASC) Innovation Award for the work completed to create WACKER’s silane modified polymer product, GENIOSIL® XB 502.

The ASC Innovation Award recognizes innovation in adhesive and sealant product developments showing added value in the application or improvement of a chemical process over the last five years. Measuring the achievement based on five criteria, the nominee must prove the end-user value proposition.

Stanjek, Vick and Zander were recognized for their contributions on WACKER’s GENIOSIL® XB 502 product, a silane modified polymer (SMP), based on patented alpha-silane technology for the formulation of high-strength adhesives.

GENIOSIL® XB 502 is silicone-reinforced, polyether-based silane-terminated polymer suitable as a binder in moisture-curing formulations. It is a transparent, low-viscosity binder and the resultant adhesives display hardness in the high Shore D range when cured. This polymer complements the GENIOSIL® silane-terminated polymer product portfolio and can be readily mixed with these products at various ratios in order to tailor the properties to the respective application.

WACKER has been producing silane-terminated polymers based on the alpha-silane technology under the brand name GENIOSIL® STP-E since 2005 and has achieved considerable success with such products in recent years.

Stanjek, Vick and Zander went a step further to develop binders that possess high mechanical strength that cannot otherwise be achieved in a binder with either silicones or silane modified polymers.

The alpha-silane based products have more to offer than great mechanical properties. Unlike many competitive products, they are also free of heavy metal catalysts.

More information on the Adhesives and Sealants Innovation Awards here.


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