Welcome to the WACKER Digital Week hosted by WACKER ACADEMY Dubai

We are delighted to invite you to attend our virtual conference and exhibition. The technical conference includes keynotes and plenary sessions from leading industry experts, technical presentations together with lab demonstrations, while the virtual exhibition runs alongside on all three days.

Meet our experts online!

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Day 1 (June 29) Day 2 (June 30) Day 3 (July 1)
Current Challenges at Jobsite & Future Cities - Carlo Jahr (PDF 1633.3 KB) - EN Flooring Presentation - Adyar Peer Mohammed (PDF 2335.6 KB) - EN Fundamentals of Silicon Rubber - Jaydeep Patel (PDF 1585.3 KB) - EN
Industrial Coating Overview Mayur Upadhyay (PDF 2122.6 KB) - EN Recent Trends - Christeena Thomas (PDF 1962.6 KB) - EN Hydrophilic Silicon Fluid by Wacker - Berat Etiler (PDF 1267.1 KB) - EN
Innovative Solution for Interior Paints - Kunjankumar Shah (PDF 1350.7 KB) - EN WACKER a comprehensive Sealant Supplier- Michael Iskander (PDF 1734.8 KB) - EN Silicone for Cables - Ahmad Alkhader (PDF 1104.4 KB) - EN
Innovative solutions for facades - Abbas Kanisan (PDF 1883.3 KB) - EN Adhesive Solution Textiles, Flooring and Sealants - Rafeek Pokkakkillath (PDF 1227.4 KB) - EN BELSIL® DADM 3240 E – A Strong Innovation for Velvety Soft Hair - Ahmed Abdelrahim (PDF 1162.4 KB) - EN
SREP with BS 6042 - Adyar Peer Mohammed (PDF 1202.1 KB) - EN Adhessive solutions Paper and Wood applications - Rafeek Pokkakkillath (PDF 1081.7 KB) - EN High Performance Silicones for Transmission & Distribution - Segran Singh (PDF 1138.9 KB) - EN
Wacker Academy Introduction June 2021-V3 (PDF 1555.1 KB) - EN VINNAPAS Dispersions for Construction Applications - Fouzan Thakur (PDF 1759.5 KB) - EN Silicone Elastomers - High Performance Material for Present - Martin Bortenschlager (PDF 2320.0 KB) - EN
Wacker Presentation Compressed - Philip Higgins (PDF 853.2 KB) - EN WACKER SILFOAM® Products for Detergents - Dr. Christof Brehm (PDF 14759.2 KB) - EN
Discover the Green Side of Architectural Coatings - Dr. Mathias Wiedemann (PDF 1476.4 KB) - EN
Sustainable SMP Waterproofing Solutions for Increased Requirements -Dr. Andreas Bauer (PDF 14232.3 KB) - EN
VINNAPAS Dispersions for Construction Applications - Fouzan Thakur (PDF 1759.5 KB) - EN