APFE 2018: WACKER Presents A Series of Release Coatings for Release Films

Shanghai,, May 25, 2018

At the 14th Shanghai International Adhesive Tape, Protective Film & Optical Film Expo (APFE 2018), WACKER will present an integrated solution from ultra-low to tight release for Polyester (PET) film coatings. DEHESIVE® 944 is a solvent-based silicone release polymer. Together with a suitable controlled-release additive, it effectively adjusts the release force to the desired range and provides good release stability. The newly developed WACKER® CROSSLINKER V62 achieves low release forces between 3 to 8 g/in at room temperature, high subsequent adhesion and fast curing speed, when used with silicone polymer. In addition, DEHESIVE® 929 solvent-free silicone release coating system is especially suitable for the production of ultra-low PET release films. APFE 2018 takes place in Shanghai from May 25 to 27.

WACKER® CROSSLINKER V62 is a recently developed crosslinker, which is ideal for different coating weights. When used with DEHESIVE® 955 silicone polymer, it achieves easy release properties ranging from 3-5 g/inch to 5-8 g/inch at room temperature. The product also features high subsequent adhesion and cures quickly.

DEHESIVE® 944 is a new solvent-based silicone release coating with long bath life. It provides excellent anchorage to a wide variety of substrates. Together with WACKER’s CRA® 21 controlled-release additive, the release forces can be adapted to the desired range by modifying the dosage of the components in the formulation. The system offers a more stable release force to the release film.

WACKER® CROSSLINKER V62 is a recently developed crosslinker.. Used with DEHESIVE® 955 silicone polymer, it achieves release forces ranging from 3-5 g/in to 5-8 g/in at room temperature under different coating weights. The system also cures quickly, featuring high subsequent adhesion. This solution fills a market gap of coating release films produced with solvent-based formulations which offer a low release force range and high subsequent adhesion simultaneously. DEHESIVE® 955 and WACKER® CROSSLINKER V62 thus provide more options for high-performance applications in this sector.

DEHESIVE® 929 is a solvent-free silicone release coating. It is particularly suitable for the production of ultra-low PET release films. Together with the release additive DEHESIVE® ADDITIVE R2, it offers ultra-low release forces and, at the same time, maintains very high subsequent adhesion. Furthermore, WACKER has also developed DEHESIVE® SF 500HJ as an anti-sticky additive for DEHESIVE® 929. It effectively solves the problem of sticky surfaces of ultra-low release coatings. Offering an excellent surface, the product provides a perfect solution for the production of ultra-low PET release films.

Visit WACKER at APFE 2018, Booth T17.


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