2017 CIEHI: WACKER Presents Silane-Modified Silicone Products for Prefabricated Construction

Beijing, Oct 12, 2017

At 2017 China International Exposition of Housing Industry & Products and Equipments of Building Industrialization (2017 CIEHI), WACKER will present two new silane-modified polymers: GENIOSIL® XM 20 and GENIOSIL® XM 25. These binders are ideal for the formulation of one-component low-modulus sealants with superior bonding strength and high resilience. Furthermore, they also offer sealants with good brushability and weather-resistance. Another WACKER highlight of the show is the new silicone resin binder SILRES® BS 6920. Modified by WACKER’s unique alpha-silane technology, this solvent-free product can be used as an impregnating agent for cement-bound substrates. It provides concrete and flowing-screed floors with excellent stain protection and is easy to process. 2017 CIEHI takes place in Beijing from October 12 to 14.

GENIOSIL® XM 20 and GENIOSIL® XM 25 are both silane-modified polymers. They allow the formulation of low-modulus sealants with exceptionally high bonding strength and elastic recovery.

GENIOSIL® XM 20 is an alpha-, GENIOSIL® XM 25 a gamma-silane-modified polymer. Both products can be formulated with WACKER’s STP-E 35 basic polymer to form a one-component, low-modulus sealant with superior bonding strength and high resilience for the use in prefabricated construction. Tests have shown that sealants formulated with these two products can reach 95% of cohesive failure even after 7 days in water, while tensile strength at 100% elongation can reach 0.3 MPa and 0.2 MPa in certain optimized formulations.

Brushability is the new demand of prefabricated construction to low-modulus sealant. As polyether-based silane-modified polymers, GENIOSIL® XM 20 and GENIOSIL® XM 25 feature high surface energy and are compatible with normal interior and exterior coatings. Meanwhile, sealants formulated with WACKER silane-modified polymers are highly weather resistant: after 5000 hours of accelerated aging test (QUV – A: ASTM G154), these sealants keep a perfect surface with fine color and gloss.

WACKER, the Munich-based chemical company, is presenting an innovative binder for the impregnation of cement-bound substrates at 2017 CIEHI. Tests have shown that SILRES® BS 6920 offers effective protection against even stubborn stains. Even after several hours, red wine, coffee and oil can be wiped off without leaving any stains.

Silicone Resin Binder SILRES® BS 6920

SILRES® BS 6920 is a highly efficient binder for impregnating cement-bound floors. It is based on a alpha-silane-terminated polyether that cures on contact with moisture. Its chemical structure has been optimized to achieve low viscosity and high solid content. As a result, the binder penetrates easily into the pores of a cement-bound substrate and cures there, filling the pores completely, reinforcing the surface and offering highly effective stain protection.

Impregnating agents based on SILRES® BS 6920 are usually applied twice using a mop, roller or airless spray gun. The first coat applied seals and strengthens the substrate. After 12 to 24 hours, a second coat can be applied to increase scratch and scrub resistance and makes the floor polishable. It is possible to walk on or drive over the floors about twenty-four hours after treatment. The treated floor then features excellent stain protection. Substances, such as red wine, ink, coffee, engine oil stains or floor cleaner, even left on the surface for 24 hours can be removed without any lasting stains.

Visit WACKER at 2017 CIEHI, Booth E2120.


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