CWIEME SHANGHAI 2017: WACKER presents novel Silicone Resin for Vacuum Pressure Impregnation

Shanghai, Mar 09, 2017

WACKER is participating at CWIEME Shanghai for the first time and showcasing a high-performance silicone resin especially designed for impregnating the windings of electrical motors. SILRES® H62 is free of solvents and active diluents. Featuring excellent thermal stability and meeting all the requirements of insulation classes H and C when cured, it can provide permanent protection to motor coils. Another WACKER highlight of the show is ELASTOSIL® RT 772. a two-component silicone potting adhesive. This product quickly cures at room temperature, and features very good heat resistance as well as good flowability and primerless adhesion. It can be used to protect the insulation ring of electrical motors. CWIEME Shanghai 2017 takes place in Shanghai from March 15 to 17.

SILRES® H62 C is a solvent-free, liquid silicone resin which is cured by heat. As a methylphenylvinylhydrogen polysiloxane not modified with organic components, its volatile content is very low, making it especially suitable for VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation). SILRES® H62 C is usually cured between 170ºC – 200ºC without emitting any byproducts. With a RTI (Relative Thermal Index) of 25,000 h at 230ºC, it features excellent thermal stability. When cured, it can meet all the requirements of insulation classes H and C. Moreover, by virtue of its curing mechanism, SILRES® H62 C cures to a tack-free film even in contact with air. Applied by VPI, this product can provide permanent protection to the windings of electrical motors, against moisture, dirt and temperature fluctuations. SILRES® H62 C is used for impregnation in a wide range of industries and applications, including traction motors, electric drives, smoke-extraction motors, as well as generators and turbines.

ELASTOSIL® RT 772 is a pourable, two-component silicone potting adhesive which cures rapidly at room temperature. UL 94HB listed when cured with Catalyst T 77, it features very good heat resistance and hence can withstand the high temperature of motor service environment over a long term. Furthermore, ELASTOSIL® RT 772 offers good primerless adhesion. Its fast curing property also helps to improve the production efficiency. Especially suitable for glueing and sealing of metal and glass, ELASTOSIL® RT 772 can be used to protect the insulation ring of electrical motors.

Visit WACKER at CWIEME Shanghai 2017, Booth H27


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