PCHi 2017: WACKER Presents Non-volatile Silicone Resin Elastomer Gel

Guangzhou, Feb 20, 2017

WACKER is presenting novel BELSIL® REG 1102 resin type silicone gel for the Chinese market at this year’s Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHi) show. Combining the skin sensory properties of crosslinked silicone polymers with the film-forming effects of silicone resins, this unique non-volatile elastomer gel can widely serve as a multifunctional active ingredient for skin care, decorative cosmetics and hair care products. Other WACKER product highlights include BELSIL® EG 5, a silicone elastomer gel which imparts a light and non-sticky skin-feel, the high performance film-forming agent and powder silicone resin BELSIL® PMS MK and the amino silicone fluid BELSIL® ADM 6102 E which is especially suitable for damaged hair. PCHi 2017 takes place in Guangzhou, China, from February 21 to 23.

BELSIL® REG 1102 is a highly transparent, non-volatile silicone elastomer gel. As a transparent gel, it provides a very pleasant sensory property both during application and afterwards. It can be widely used in skin care and decorative cosmetic products.

BELSIL® REG 1102 elastomer gel is based on a non-emulsifying silicone copolymer network blended with a non-volatile, low viscosity dimethicone. As a transparent gel, it provides a very pleasant sensory property both during application and afterwards. .

The unique silicone resin structure of BELSIL® REG 1102 makes it easy to form a hydrophobic film at the surface of the skin, which can achieve multi-effects by improving the formulation’s water-resistance and smoothness as well as reducing its stickiness. The test result of its application in decorative cosmetic shows excellent transfer-resistance and long-lasting film-forming effect.

Moreover, blended in a non-volatile low-viscosity silicone oil solution, BELSIL® REG 1102 makes the formulation more flexible and provides a long-lasting skin-feel. A unique raw material for personal care, the resin can be widely used in various skin care, decorative cosmetics and hair care formulations. The silicone resin is particularly suitable for foundations and sunscreen products as well as for moisturizing eye creams and masks. The ingredients of BELSIL® REG 1102 are listed in the Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients in China (IECIC 2015).

BELSIL® EG 5 – Silicone Elastomer Gel for a Light and Non-Tacky Skin-Feel

At PCHi2017,WACKER will also showcase BELSIL® EG 5, a silicone elastomer gel which imparts a light and non-tacky skin-feel. This vinyl-based gel is easy to distribute on skin and can form a light and non-tacky breathable film which improves the soft and smooth effect on skin. Meanwhile, it provides a matte appearance which meets the requirements of Asian consumers. Lab tests also show that foundations containing BELSIL® EG5 can even the skin tone, make pores invisible and impart skin a supple and natural appearance.

BELSIL® PMS MK Powder – High-Performance Silicone Film-Forming Agent

BELSIL® PMS MK powder is a solid, solvent-free silicone resin. As a high-performance film-forming agent, it can form a soft and flexible film on the skin and can be used solely or collectively in various decorative cosmetic formulations. No matter whether it is used for foundations or non-stick cup lipsticks with long-lasting requirements, a certain amount of the product can significantly improve the formulation’s water and oil resistance as well as the transfer-resistance of the pigment, while imparting a comfortable skin-feel and long-lasting effect. Compared to traditional resins, the film formed by BELSIL® PMS MK powder is softer and more flexible. It also demonstrates excellent oil-resistance and long-lasting moisturizing effect.

BELSIL® ADM 6102 E - Amino Silicone Oil Especially Suitable for Damaged Hair

BELSIL® ADM 6102 E amino silicone oil can repair damaged hair caused by perming and dying. It is also suitable for sun burn treatment. With an optimized molecule structure, the product easily forms a hydrophobic film on the surface of the hair, without over-accumulation, effectively reducing dry and wet combing forces and triboelectric charging. The comparatively long silicone chains of BELSIL® ADM 6102 E impart a softer and smoother hair feel. This highly effective conditioning agent can be used for all kinds of formulations for shampoos and conditioners and is especially suitable for damaged hair care.

Visit WACKER at PCHi 2017, Booth 4D42.


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