PCHi 2021:

WACKER Presents an Innovative Co-Emulsion of Silicone Fluid and Vegetable Oil for Hair Care Products

Shenzhen, Mar 24, 2021

At PCHi 2021, WACKER will present an innovative conditioning agent BELSIL® DADM 3050 E for hair care applications. The product uses an optimal combination of dimethicone and amodimethicone to make hair softer and smoother. The formulation also innovatively includes coconut oil to efficiently penetrate into the hair core and deeply nourish the hair. Other WACKER product highlights at PCHi 2021 include the BELSIL® eco range which is based on non-fossil raw materials, BELSIL® ADM 8600E, a silicone microemulsion with excellent conditioning effects, and BELSIL® EG 6000, a silicone elastomer gel that provides a light and non-sticky sensation, as well as BELSIL® EG 7, a versatile silicone elastomer gel. PCHi 2021 takes place in Shenzhen from March 24 to 26.

BELSIL® DADM 3050 E, WACKER‘s innovative conditioning agent for hair-care applications, contains an optimal combination of dimethicone and amodimethicone to make hair softer and smoother. The formulations also contain coconut oil, which efficiently penetrates into the hair core and deeply nourishes the hair. (Photo: WACKER)

In recent years, hair care products containing botanical ingredients have been increasingly preferred by consumers. To this end, WACKER has developed BELSIL® DADM 3050 E, a co-emulsion of silicone fluid and vegetable oil. It is composed of polydimethylsiloxane, amino-modified polydimethylsiloxane and coconut oil, and contains non-ionic emulsifiers. Of these, polydimethylsiloxane and amino-modified polydimethylsiloxane form a hydrophobic protective layer on the surface of the hair, which can effectively reduce static, improve dry and wet combing, making hair softer and smoother, and repair and care for hair damaged by dyeing, perming and sun exposure. Coconut oil is a very stable natural oil which does not tend to oxidize and therefore does not yellow at room temperature. Due to the low molecular weight of its main component lauric acid, it can penetrate to the hair core to repair damages.

BELSIL® DADM 3050 E is suitable for use in various hair-care products, such as shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, hairdressing gel and elastin. Due to the synergistic effect of the silicone fluid and vegetable oil, this co-emulsion can provide excellent conditioning effects for hair care products. Experiments show that the conditioning performance of hair care formulations with this co-emulsion is significantly better than that of formulations with separately added conventional polydimethylsiloxane, amodimethicone and coconut oil. The use of BELSIL® DADM 3050 E co-emulsion not only greatly improves the conditioning effect, but also simplifies the preparation of hair care products. Meanwhile, product-stability problems that may be caused by the addition of vegetable oil alone can also be avoided.

Other WACKER product highlights at PCHi 2021 include:

BELSIL® eco: Based on Non-Fossil Raw Materials

The BELSIL® eco range is produced from silicon and by using bio-methanol derived from renewable materials, i.e. plant waste such as sugar beet, straw and grass. A certified mass balance procedure in the production process helps to calculate and determine the share of products sourced from biomethanol. As a result, WACKER can ensure that all BELSIL® eco products are manufactured from 100 percent plant-based and resource saving raw materials and thus have a lower carbon footprint than silicone products made from fossil raw materials.

BELSIL® eco range currently comprises three classes of silicone products, from silicone fluids with different viscosities, to silicone gum blends and silicone resins. Silicone fluids in the BELSIL® eco range are distinguished by their low surface tension and good spreading properties. BELSIL® eco GB 1020, the silicone gum product, can be easily used and dispersed in cosmetics, while providing a lubricious feel. BELSIL® eco TMS 803, the silicone resin, is widely used as a film-former in skin- and sun-care products, and can provide excellent color-resistance, water- and oil-repellency benefits in makeup products.

BELSIL® ADM 8600E: a Silicone Microemulsion with Excellent Conditioning Effects

BELSIL® ADM 8600 E is a nonionic microemulsion of an amino-functional polydimethylsiloxane. The amino group on the silicone backbone provides an excellent affinity to and durability on the hair. Trimethylsiloxysilicate, a unique ingredient added to the product helps to form a protective film around the hair fiber which can effectively repair damaged hair and slow color fading after dyeing. BELSIL® ADM 8600 E is especially suitable for hair-care products for repairing badly damaged hair and for products used after dyeing.

The bio-methanol-based BELSIL® eco range has a lower carbon footprint than silicone products produced using petroleum-derived methanol. (Photo: WACKER).

BELSIL® EG 6000: a Silicone Elastomer Gel that Provides a Light and Non-Sticky Sensation

BELSIL® EG 6000 elastomer gel is a silicone copolymer network blended with a volatile dimethicone. It appears as a fine and smooth gel which allows the formulation of a variety of cosmetic products. BELSIL® EG 6000 can act as a thickener in formulations and provides a very light and non-sticky, pleasant sensation during application and after use. In addition, it exhibits shear-thinning behavior that spread easily during application and facilitates the incorporation of pigments into a formulation.

BELSIL® EG 7: a Versatile Silicone Elastomer Gel

BELSIL® EG 7 elastomer gel is a cross-linked, high molecular weight silicone swollen with a low molecular weight, low-viscosity dimethicone. The product is easy to spread and provides a non-greasy, velvety skin feel. BELSIL® EG 7 has an excellent blur effect and good film-forming ability which can increase the long-lasting effect for skin care and color products. Thanks to the low molecular weight dimethicone, which helps to form a light and non-tacky film, BELSIL® EG 7 formulations are moisturizing with a non-greasy skin feel. In addition to its application in skin-care products, BELSIL® EG 7 can also be used in cosmetic products such as foundations and lip glosses, where it provides excellent mattifying effects.

Visit WACKER at PCHi 2021, Booth 1B22.


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