CMEF & ICMD 2020: WACKER Presents New Polycarbonate Adhering Liquid Silicone Rubber

Shanghai, Oct 19, 2020

At this year’s CMEF & ICMD (China International Medical Equipment Fair and International Component Manufacturing & Design Show), WACKER will be presenting the new ELASTOSIL® LR 3178/40 CN self-bonding liquid silicone rubber for polycarbonate (PC) substrates. Free from Bisphenol A (BPA), the product is primerless and can bond with PC in the first curing phase, which make it suitable for the production of the main structures and precise sealing parts of medical articles. Other WACKER product highlights during the show include the highly adhesive silicone gel series SILPURAN® 21XX for wound dressing and wearable devices. CMEF & ICMD 2020 takes place in Shanghai, China, from October 19 to 22.

WACKER presents ELASTOSIL® LR 3178/40 CN at this year’s CMEF & ICMD. The self-bonding liquid silicone rubber is suitable for the production of the main structures and the precise sealing parts of medical articles. (Photo: WACKER)

With growing requirements for medical articles in regard to precision, accuracy, and sealing properties, plastic + rubber (P+R) designs are increasingly used in the medical industry. For example, silicone rubber is often used to produce the edge of the breathing mask which is mainly made of PC. Conventionally, the substrate needs to be coated with a layer of primer curing silicone rubber on the surface. This production process is complicated and the result not very precise. The organic solvents in the primers may also cause allergies and pollute the environment. Using WACKER’s new ELASTOSIL® LR 3178/40 CN simplifies the process and confers a safer and more reliable adhesion.

ELASTOSIL® LR 3178/40 CN is an easily pigmentable, two-component addition curing liquid silicone rubber which has short curing times. The vulcanizates are noted for their semi transparency and excellent mechanical properties. It is free from BPA, biocompatible and fully complies with the ISO10993 standard. The product features excellent adhesion properties, and is primerless and can bond with various PC substrates during the first curing phase without easy demoulding process. ELASTOSIL® LR 3178/40 CN is particularly suitable for the injection process and can be used to produce supporting structures and precise sealing parts of medical articles, such as breathing masks, valves, membranes, sealing parts and handles of medical devices.

Having significantly enhanced their adhesion properties, SILPURAN® 2114 and SILPURAN® 2122 provide a choice of higher adhesion force for innovative wound dressing, sports care and wearable monitoring devices. (Photo: WACKER)

During CMEF & ICMD 2020, WACKER will also present the medical grade silicone gel series SILPURAN® 21xx. Dressings using these soft silicone gels are highly breathable and low allergenic, providing a comfortable wearing experience. They are extremely gentle when adhering to the skin, and make changing dressings less painful. Highly biocompatible and comfortable, SILPURAN® 21xx is ideal for high-end wound dressings. In addition to the common features of the product series, the new SILPURAN® 2114 and SILPURAN® 2122 offer significantly enhanced adhesion properties. SILPURAN® 2114 has a minimal release force to stainless steel of up to 3.5 N/inch, while SILPURAN® 2122 offers a release force of up to 5.5 N/inch. This makes both gels ideal for innovative wound dressings, sports care products and wearable monitoring devices.

Visit WACKER at CMEF & ICMD 2020, Booth 1.1O31 (ICMD).


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