WACKER Nanjing Site Hold “Open-to-Public Day“

Nanjing/Shanghai, Jun 25, 2019

To echo the program of National Safe Production Month, WACKER and the Work Safety Administration (WSA) of Nanjing Jiangbei New Area, jointly held an “Open-to-Public Dayˮ event at WACKER’s Nanjing production site. The activities included lecture about emergency response in WACKER Nanjing site, fire-fighting field practice, emergency scenario experience, as well as applications of WACKER products. About 120 people participated in the event, such as representatives from Nanjing WSA, several departments of Jiangbei New Area, a number of company and community delegates from Jiangbei New Area.

During the emergency scenario experience session of WACKER Nanjing site “Open-to-Public Day” event, an employee is performing CPR practice.

This year’s “Open-to-Public” event in WACKER Nanjing site is combined with annual “Safety Day” event, adding several hand-on practical exercises. In the fire-fighting field practice session organized by WACKER, participants will have chance to operate fire distinguisher, while in the emergency scenario experience session organized by WSA, people can learn how to use life hammer and skills for escape from high latitude, such as tie knots quickly. Li Baoping, deputy director of Jiangbei New Area and Li Qiuwei, director of Nanjing’s WSA joined the attendees at the WACKER Nanjing site.

“Safe production and environment protection are the top priorities in WACKER production sites. As a signatory of Responsible Care global charter, WACKER commits to continuous improvement of our environment, health and safety (EHS) performance to surpass the legislative and regulatory requirements.” said Paul Lindblad, president of WACKER Greater China, during the event, “Today’s joint event with Jiangbei WSA not only demonstrates WACKER’s commitment and efforts towards safety, but also enhance our communication with the neighbourhood for a harmonious community development.ˮ

Since the inauguration in 2009, WACKER Nanjing production site has been keeping an outstanding record in terms of safety and environment protection in the past 10 years, Loss Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) far below the chemical industry average. In 2018, it achieved “3-zeros“ safety performance, namely zero time-loss injuries, zero chemical injuries and zero WACKER process safety related incidents. Meanwhile, it is recognized by the local government as “2018 Good Safety Production Unit in Jiangbei District“. Last year, the energy consumption per unit produced at WACKER Nanjing site reduced by 1.8%. The waste water treatment was also upgraded which is expected to significantly reduce missions.


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