EVTech Shanghai 2018: WACKER Showcases Thermal Conductive Silicone Materials for Electric Vehicles

Shanghai, Jul 04, 2018

At EVTech Shanghai 2018, WACKER is presenting several thermal conductive silicone materials for electric vehicles. Among them is SEMICOSIL® Paste TC, a new non-curing silicone paste which can be used as a gap filler for the heat sinks of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) for Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT). WACKER will also showcase ELASTOSIL® RT 76XX TC series, an addition curing, thermal conductive silicone potting glue which offers low viscosity and good thermal conductivity. Due to their exceptional flowability, they are especially suitable for the potting of articles with complex structures. Another highlight is SEMICOSIL® 96X TC. The thermal conductive silicone gap filler enables low-stress and gap-free thermal conductive filling between the heat source and heat sink. It is an ideal thermal management material for the key components of electric vehicles, such as battery modules, power controls and on-board chargers. WACKER is also showcasing a series of silicone sealants under SEMICOSIL® and ELASTOSIL® trademarks for Cured-In-Place Gaskets (CIPG). EVTech Shanghai 2018 takes place in Shanghai, China, from July 4 to 7.

SEMICOSIL® 96X TC series thermal conductive silicone gap fillers enable low-stress and gap-free thermal conductive filling between heat source and heat sink, and thus are the ideal thermal management materials for the key components of electric vehicles, such as battery module, power control and on-board charger.

The recently developed SEMICOSIL® Paste 30 TC and SEMICOSIL® Paste 40 TC are both one-component, non-curing, low-stress silicone pastes with a thermal conductivity at 3.0W/mK and 4.0W/mK respectively. Thanks to the exceptional flowability, the products cure to form a thin, homogenous layer that can easily compensate surface tolerance of the component. For optimum heat transfer, only a very thin layer is needed. SEMICOSIL® Paste TC can not only be used for fast dispensing and printing process, but also for filling tiny gaps between thermal interfaces. Furthermore, the product is stable under thermal aging conditions and is suitable for the heat management of PCB for electrical vehicles.

The new ELASTOSIL® RT 76XX TC series is a thermally conductive potting glue which consists of a two-component, addition-curing silicone rubber with a thermal conductivity ranging from 1-2 W/mK. The product cures at room temperature. Featuring low viscosity and good flowability, it is suitable for the potting of the articles with complex structures. ELASTOSIL® RT 76XX TC series can be used for the thermal management of 48-volt batteries, on-board chargers and power converters. Elasticity remains unchanged between -50 and +180 degrees Celsius, the potting glue meets the challenging long-term reliability needed for electrical vehicles.

SEMICOSIL® 96X TC thermal conductive gap fillers cure at room temperature via addition reaction to form soft silicone elastomers with tacky surfaces. The cured rubber achieves a thermal conductivity of 2 to 3.5W/m.K, and, at the same time, is electrically insulating. SEMICOSIL® 96X TC can be quickly dispensed to meet the requirements of industrial production processes. Before curing, SEMICOSIL® 96X TC features good rheological properties which ensure high-speed and non-sag dispensing. The optimized formulation for dispensing systems allow them to be easily fed by machine with lower wear, and therefore achieve a stable and efficient production.

At EV Tech Shanghai, WACKER will also showcase SEMICOSIL® and ELASTOSIL® silicone sealants for the manufacturing of Cured-In-Place Gaskets CIPG. These are able to replace solid gaskets with the dispensing process necessary for assembly. The flexible design of the dispensing process allows one glue to be used to seal articles in different sizes, which is easier in terms of material management. Several product grades are available to meet properties and functions required for key components of electric vehicle, such as high and low strength, low density, cooling fluid resistance and the sealing of fuel cells. For example, ELASTOSIL® SC 870, a thixotropic, addition-curing, two-component silicone elastomer, cures quickly at room temperature, forming a mainly closed cell foam. Featuring excellent damping properties, it is widely used in the light-weight sealing of batteries and controllers.

Visit WACKER at EVTech Shanghai 2018, Booth B16, Hall W5


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