Chinacoat 2018: WACKER Presents Hydrophobic Pyrogenic Silica and Silicone Resin for Heat-Resistant Coatings

Guangzhou, Dec 03, 2018

At Chinacoat 2018, WACKER will be presenting three hydrophobic grades of HDK® pyrogenic silica. Among them, HDK® H30RM and HDK® H30LM are particularly suitable for rheology control in automotive clear coats. HDK® H30RY can be chemically incorporated into resin networks and can improve mechanical properties of surface coatings and sealants. During Chinacoat 2018, WACKER will also present two SILRES® silicone resins for heat-resistant coatings. SILRES® MPF 52E, a water-borne silicone resin emulsion, can significantly reduce emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in coating formulations and therefore is an optimum binder for water-borne high-temperature coatings. SILRES® 604 is a solvent-free solid silicone resin and can be used as binder for heat-resistant powder coatings. Chinacoat 2018 takes place in Guangzhou from December 4 to 6.

HDK® H30RM and HDK® H30LM are ideal as rheology additives for automotive clear coats. They exhibit excellent transparency in surface coatings and are entirely free of polydimethylsilxone (PDMS), enabling crater-free surfaces during the coating application.

The hydrophobic HDK® H30RM and HDK® H30LM grades feature high specific surface areas and silane modification with pronounced water repellency, which is greater in HDK® H30RM. The two products are particularly suitable for binder systems of high polarity, whereby more pronounced rheology effects can be achieved with HDK® H30RM. Both grades exhibit excellent transparency in clear coats. Furthermore, they are entirely free of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and thus enable crater-free surfaces during coating application. Accordingly, their main applications include surface coatings for the automotive industry and high-quality industrial paints.

HDK® H30RY is a hydrophobic, methacrylic-functional silica. The reactive product can be chemically incorporated into resin networks, enhancing mechanical properties of systems based on vinyl esters, polyesters or acrylates. This yields a broad range of applications – from coatings and adhesives to sealants.

SILRES® MPF 52E can be used to formulate and produce a complete range of water-borne high-temperature coatings, providing high heat resistance, excellent adhesion as well as chemical and corrosion resistance.

SILRES® MPF 52E is a methoxy functional terminated, white milky silicone resin emulsion which contains methyl phenyl groups. By utilizing SILRES® MPF 52E, a complete range of water-borne high-temperature coatings can be formulated and produced with high heat resistance, excellent adhesion as well as chemical and corrosion resistance. The product has good compatibility with other organic resins, providing formulators with flexibility and ease of compounding during the manufacturing process. Typical formulations are usually tack-free after one hour at room temperature. SILRES® MPF 52E complies with FDA 21 CFR 175.300 and BfR XV, and thus can be used in all types of coatings for household appliances that are regularly subject to high temperatures, such as pots, pans and toasters. It also protects mufflers and exhaust systems of motorcycles, cars and recreational vehicles.

SILRES® 604 is a flaked, colorless to yellowish resin with 100% silicone content. It features good compatibility with organic resins and can be used as solvent-free binder for environmentally-friendly powder coatings. Formulations based on SILRES® 604 are heat resistant up to 650°C. When used in white formulations, it allows the coatings to stand up to temperatures of up to 270°C without obvious yellowing. SILRES® 604, which complies with regulations such as FDA 21 CFR 175.300 (US Food and Drug Administration) and BfR XV (German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment), is an ideal binder for heat-resistant coatings used in exhaust systems, cast iron stoves and barbecue stacks.

Visit WACKER at Chinacoat 2018, Booth 2.1D62-64.


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