China Adhesive 2018: WACKER Presents Novel Silicone Elastomers for Electronics and VAE Dispersion for Difficult-to-Bond Substrates in Paper Packaging

Shanghai, Sep 19, 2018

At this year’s China Adhesive show, WACKER will present a series of novel one-component room-temperature-vulcanizing (RTV 1) silicone elastomers for electronics applications. Among them, ELASTOSIL® N2140 CN is a multi-purpose adhesive for potting, coating, and sealing electric appliances and electronics components. Another highlight is ELASTOSIL® TC9801, a flame-retardant thermally conductive adhesive for the automotive and electronics industry. In addition, WACKER will also present two vinyl acetate and ethylene (VAE) dispersions: VINNAPAS® EP 701K is an ideal binder for difficult-to-bond substrates in paper packaging, while VINNAPAS® EP 845 is dedicated to 3D lamination formulations. Other WACKER product highlights include high-performance GENIOSIL® hybrid polymers for construction and industrial applications. China Adhesive 2018 takes place in Shanghai from September 19 to 21.

ELASTOSIL® N2140 CN is a translucent RTV 1 silicone rubber with good flowing properties. With an elongation of 350%, it features high mechanical strength. The product shows excellent primeless adhesion to many substances, such as glass, aluminum, stainless steel, polyamide (PA) and poly butylene terephthalate (PBT). ELASTOSIL® N2140 CN is stable and flexible from -50oC to 200oC. With the appropriate viscosity, the product finds can be used for potting, coating, adhesion and sealing of electric appliances and electronic components.

ELASTOSIL® TC9801 is a white RTV 1 silicone rubber with a neutral-curing system (alkoxy). With a heat conductivity value of 0.8W/mK, this product features good thermal conductivity and stability. ELASTOSIL® TC9801 shows excellent primeless adhesion to many substrates and can be used as thermally conductive adhesive for the electrical appliance, automotive and electronics industries. Meeting SGS V0 flame-retardant level, ELASTOSIL® TC9801 is particularly suitable for battery encapsulation and the adhesion of motor parts.

Other WACKER product highlights during China Adhesive 2018 include:

  • VINNAPAS® EP 701K for Difficult-to-Bond Substrates in Paper Packaging

The VAE Dispersion VINNAPAS® EP 701K is a polymer binder for adhesives used to bond difficult-to-bond surfaces. It has a low Tg ( 10 °C) as well as excellent adhesion and cohesion strength. With higher ethylene content, VINNAPAS® EP 701K is ideal for overlay laminating of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) with coated or non-coated paper.

  • VINNAPAS® EP 845 for 3D Lamination Formulation

3D lamination is widely used in decorative panels for cabinets, wardrobes and timber doors. VINNAPAS® EP 845 is a VAE dispersion that is especially developed for this application. Compared with conventional VAE dispersions, the product features better laminating properties and heat resistance, which allow a smoother surface after laminating and a long service life without peeling off. Furthermore, VINNAPAS® EP 845 is compatible with polyurethane dispersions (PUD). It achieves the same formulation performance with less PUD, which also helps to reduce processing and manufacturing costs.

  • High-Performance GENIOSIL® Hybrid Polymers for Construction and Industrial Applications

GENIOSIL® silane-modified polymers are silane-terminated polyethers which combine the typical advantages of silicones and polyurethanes. The comprehensive product line covers diverse requirements in construction and industrial applications. GENIOSIL® STP-E basic polymers feature excellent mechanical properties. They allow an easy, efficient and tin-free production at customer end. Adhesives based on GENIOSIL® STP-E cure rapidly and completely with a tacky-free surface. Used to formulate a wide range of adhesives and sealants with different modulus, strength and resilience, GENIOSIL® STP-E can be used for products in home interior decorations. Featuring low viscosity and high shear strength, tear resistant GENIOSIL® XT is suitable for applications that repeatedly undergo high dynamic forces, such as rail transportation. GENIOSIL® XB is ideal for extra strong bonding between dissimilar materials, for example for construction-sector structural bonding. It is also suitable for nail-free glues and tile grouts.

Visit WACKER at China Adhesive 2017, Booth 4A202.


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