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Want to be inspired and realize your own ideas? Want to look into the future and make your own plans? Then WACKER is the ideal choice for you. We can provide you with interesting work and long-term career development.

When you join the WACKER team – whether you are a chemist, an engineer or an IT specialist – you will benefit from our strategic goal setting, a performance-oriented organizational structure and an innovative system which can only be found in a global organization.

Campus Recruitment

Sun Zi’s the Art of War says: “If you know others and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles.”

Do you want to know your strong points and weak points before graduation? To start thinking about your career’s direction and your life’s orientation?

A WACKER internship can help put your knowledge into practice by elevating your skills level and offering you a rich social experience in a diversified cultural environment. An internship also provides a platform for you to communicate with seasoned professionals, while helping you to tackle doubts and confusion about your career path.

We are recruiting for the following position:

  • Chemical lab intern

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