WACKER Transforms Wasteland into Wildflower Meadows

Burghausen, Jul 15, 2020

Just over a year ago, Wacker Chemie AG started a community project to promote biodiversity. In a joint effort with the Altötting Landscape Conservation Association, a one-and-a-half-kilometer stretch of the Alz canal between Burgkirchen and Hirten was given a new lease of wildlife. In addition, WACKER has turned two areas at its premises in Burghausen into flourishing meadows as a nourishing habitat for insects.

Two areas that just last year were degraded landscape, now provide a 2312-square-meter home for a myriad of insects and wildflowers. Indigenous meadow plants and wild grasses sowed last year by the Environment and Site Development departments in a collaborative project now enrich the Burghausen site with a colorful succession of blooms as the seasons progress.

“This is WACKER’s contribution toward the Bavarian Biodiversity Pact aimed at regenerating existing insect populations and expanding biodiversity,” said Dr. Andreas Moser, head of the Environment Department, explaining this initiative for bringing nature back into industrial wasteland.

Another important factor for growing local insect populations is the inter-connected habitat created by wildflower fields across the region.

To this end, Wacker Chemie AG has provided a further 30,000-square-meter area along the Alz canal between Burgkirchen and Hirten for a biodiversity project. As part of the Bavarian landscape conservation program, the Altötting Landscape Conservation Association maintains this area, whose generous length makes a particularly effective contribution toward connecting biotopes. The goal is to restore and further develop a rich habit where a wide variety of flowers, grasses and insects can thrive.

“WACKER’s focus extends beyond company environmental protection. As a longstanding member of the Bavarian Environmental Pact, we deliver on our commitment to implement measures and projects that protect the environment and nature, and play an active role in conserving biodiversity,” notes Plant Manager Dr. Dieter Gilles.

Further information on the Bavarian Environmental Pact and the Bavarian Biodiversity Pact is available at www.umweltpakt.bayern.de and www.bluehpakt.bayern.de


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