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Whether you are interested in corporate events, lectures from the Knowledge Forum, an open house or concerts held by our company band: there’s plenty to discover on the WACKER website.

The WACKER Knowledge Forum

The event series open to anyone with a thirst for knowledge

Are you interested in current issues relating to science, technology and the environment? Then you are welcome to come and join us! Visit the WACKER Knowledge Forum where our experts give lectures on scientific trends, forward-looking technologies, and developments with a local political impact – always related to WACKER and the Burghausen region. We want to show you what’s going on at WACKER and how we’re doing it. Surprising, entertaining, but always well-researched and accessible to all!


WACKER Staff Building, Burghausen Plant
Johannes-Hess-Straße 24
84489 Burghausen

No registration necessary; Free admission

The WACKER Company Band

Our passion: Music at the highest level

Around 60 amateur musicians, most of them Burghausen employees, led by outstanding conductors, playing with an ever-changing line-up and a repertoire ranging from classical to modern – that’s our WACKER Company Band. Our orchestra is represented at various concerts and cultural events at home and abroad. A real ambassador for our company that always strikes the right note!

Dates in 2022

  • Fall Serenade, Sunday, September 13, 2020
    18:30- 20:00 h, Burghausen old town

You can learn more about the WACKER Company Band in our brochure.


You can learn more about the WACKER Company Band in our brochure.

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Open House

Seeing chemistry in a new light

Researching, experimenting, developing, producing – all in a day’s business for the chemical industry Everyone of us uses products that are stuffed full with complicated chemistry that we can’t see: from smartphones, cars and LEDs through to toothpaste, paints and cleaning agents. You only get a chance to see these accomplishments by the sector every three to four years on National Open House day. Over 200 chemical and pharmaceutical companies and third-level institutions throw open their doors on this day and invite the general public in to have a look around – WACKER too.

At the 2018 Open House in Burghausen, some 20,000 citizens and employees, along with their families, came to explore our plant, where they were met with an array of interesting tours and exciting experiments. When the day was over, everyone agreed that the chemical sector is not only fascinating and inspiring, but also offers great and highly attractive employment opportunities for the future.

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