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Every cent helps – for long-lasting relief

The WACKER College in Kosgoda on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka was the first project that the WACKER relief fund sponsored after it was foundation. The island nation in the Indian Ocean was affected particularly badly by the repercussions of the December 2004 tsunami.

Rapid Emergency Aid

Hundreds of thousands lost their lives in the tsunami and the basis of people’s existence was destroyed completely. WACKER employees spontaneously donated €100,000, WACKER matched this amount and donated a further €50,000 in emergency aid. Thus, a total of €250,000 was available to rebuild the school in Kosgoda and keep it running.

Construction Completed – Upkeep Secured

The cent-donation program, which was initiated in 2012, secures the ongoing operation of the school. Thanks to these regular employee donations, we are able to cover the costs involved in running the school – the teachers’ salaries, teaching materials, school uniforms and hot lunches. We support a further 184 children in the adjacent kindergarten and an orphanage, and students at the vocational training center.

“For just a few cents a month, each one of us can make a huge difference to the future of children in Sri Lanka.”

Dr. Tobias Ohler, member of the Executive Board of Wacker Chemie AG

Solar Energy Ensures Independence

In 2014, the WACKER relief fund’s donations financed a solar installation. The new technology on its roof has provided the school in Kosgoda with the means to generate its own electricity, allowing it to avoid shortfalls in the national grid.
Local support is provided by the “Future for Children” aid organization and the Augsburg branch of Malteser relief services. Together with principal Monk Sadu, project manager Elfriede Süß is dedicated to looking after the children’s wellbeing and giving them hope for a promising future.

WACKER Relief Fund in Kosgoda

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