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Rebuilding an elementary school in Fujia, China

In 2008, the worst earthquake in 30 years hit the Chinese province of Sichuan. WACKER Greater China and its employees donated some RMB 220,000 in emergency aid. In addition, the WACKER relief fund collected RMB 1 million for rebuilding the devastated region. The money was intended for a long-term aid project.

Earthquake-Proof Construction

Given the extent of the destruction, deciding on a project was not easy. We opted to concentrate on Fujia, a small village situated some 150 kilometers from the provincial capital Chengdu, where the local elementary school was damaged so badly that lessons could no longer be held.

Thanks to WACKER’s relief fund, the new elementary school was built to withstand earthquakes of up to seven on the Richter scale. It spans 675 square meters and its seven classrooms, three offices, kitchen and playground offer plenty of space for the more than 300 students.

The school reopened in 2009. In honor of its sponsors, it is called Fujia Village WACKER Primary School.

“WACKER School” film