Kosgoda, Dec 18, 2014

WACKER’s relief fund cent-donation program makes it possible to finance the entire running of a 200-student school in Sri Lanka. The first senior class opened its doors to four young people in 2014.

Kosgoda Solar
Kosgoda students make music in a parade in front of the new solar roof.

Additionally, WACKER Relief Fund donations have financed a solar installation. The new technology on its roof has provided the school in Kosgoda with the means to generate their own electricity; they can now avoid the shortfalls in the national grid.

The principal Sadu Wimaladhamma Tissa, or Monk Sadu for short, is delighted that from this year, the first students are being prepared for their school-leaving certificate. In three years, the four currently enrolled students hope to have their high school graduation behind them.

Thanks to the generosity of the 4,300 plus employees participating in the WACKER Relief Fund’s cent donation program, the entire Kosgoda school can continue running. With minimal amounts, every employee in Germany can contribute to ensuring that the fund can offer its partners long-term support. How does that work? Employees give their consent to have their monthly salary rounded down to the nearest euro. The difference in cents is then donated to WACKER Relief Fund.

On average, the participating employees donate 50 cents per month. This sum is then doubled by the Executive Board. The program currently generates a monthly total of over €4,200 – amounting to an annual sum of over €50,000.


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