A few Cents each for a Whole School

WACKER HILFSFONDS: Cent-Donation Program Celebrates Great Success

Munich, May 05, 2012

It has now been decided where to invest the money collected with WACKER HILFSFONDS' cent-donation program. Instead of financing only four classes, the relief fund will now take over the running costs of the entire school in Kosgoda, Sri Lanka. Already over 4,200 WACKER employees have signed up for the cent-donation program, which is open for our colleagues to join at any time.

The participation of employees in the cent-donation program makes it possible for the children of Kosgoda to carry on going to school.

"The cent donations make it possible for us to finance a whole school – from the teachers' salaries to teaching material to school uniforms and subsidized lunches. That is a fantastic success," enthuses Dr. Tobias Ohler, WACKER HILFSFONDS Board of Directors member and Executive Board member at Siltronic. "WACKER HILFSFONDS thanks all the donors, without whose support we would not be able to provide this help on a long-term basis."

Walter Fischer, head of HR Systems and responsible for the running of the donation program: "We have done the math and have calculated that participating employees donate on average 50 cents per month." Once this sum has been doubled by the Executive Board, the program is generating a monthly total of €4,200, based on the current level of employee participation – an annual figure of over €50,000.

The relief fund is very pleased to be able to finance the entire running of the school up to the tenth grade, instead of just four classes as before. There are even plans to introduce senior classes offering tuition up to the level of high-school diploma. Following the tsunami disaster, WACKER HILFSFONDS supported the school in Kosgoda for an initial period of five years. The school started up in 2006 with 90 students in five classes. Today, some 170 children are taught there in ten school classes, and an additional 25 students enroll every year. Twenty teachers work at the school.


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