WACKER Reports on Progress of its Sustainable Business Practices

Munich, Oct 02, 2019

Today, Wacker Chemie AG published its Sustainability Report for 2017 and 2018. Sustainability is a core element of its business model and one of its five strategic goals. Through responsible stewardship, WACKER contributes to at least seven of the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs).

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WACKER’s Sustainability Report is available in English and German at: www.wacker.com/sustainabilityreport

Reasons for again publishing WACKER’s report exclusively as an online version include minimizing resource consumption and thus serving the interests of environmental protection. The Sustainability Report complies with the Core option defined in the GRI standards and takes account of other indicators that relate to WACKER’s main sustainability issues.

In 2018, WACKER conducted a global survey to identify which sustainability topics its main target groups and top management consider to be material for WACKER. The company used the results to determine the contents of its Sustainability Report and to review and update its sustainability strategy. The five top issues for WACKER and its main target groups were the safety of production plants, product safety, competitiveness, value trends, sound corporate governance and compliance.

During the reporting period, WACKER extended its long-term goals regarding CO2 emissions and energy consumption to the whole WACKER Group. By 2030, the company wants to reduce its specific CO2 emissions by a third, with 2012 as the base year, and its specific energy consumption by half, with 2007 as the base year. WACKER’s divisions have the goal of cutting their specific energy consumption by 1.5 percent each annually.


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