WACKER Joins the “We Together” Refugee Integration Initiative

Munich, Feb 15, 2017

Today Wacker Chemie AG announced its sponsorship pledge for “We Together – the German Business Integration Initiative.” By joining the initiative, the company is seeking to make a concrete, sustainable contribution toward the integration of refugees in Germany.

WACKER will be sponsoring the vocational orientation of young refugees and training suitable candidates. As part of an orientation week, refugees will be given the opportunity to get to know the WACKER site at Burghausen. They will be given insight into various technical vocations and the chance to demonstrate their practical and technical expertise by performing simple tasks. Instructors provide refugees with feedback on key skills needed for successful training in metalwork, electrical work and chemistry. WACKER works closely with Altötting technical college, where the refugees receive comprehensive instruction in specially organized development and integration classes.

In addition to this, WACKER accommodates unaccompanied refugee minors in its youth hostel in Burghausen. The refugees are learning German, and are also taking an integration course at the Altötting technical college with the goal of obtaining the educational qualifications required for vocational training. Six of the twelve refugees housed in the youth hostel have already been able to begin training in local craftsmen businesses. WACKER also has two refugees in its business administration training program.

“It is integral to our self-identity to commit ourselves, as a company, to helping refugees. We know that education and language skills are the key to successful integration. Accordingly, we support projects focused on exactly this aspect,” explained President and CEO Dr. Rudolf Staudigl. “It's all about creating concrete integration opportunities for individuals to find common ground with people from other cultural backgrounds, and also discover the differences which enrich our society and drive it forward.”


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