WACKER Joins Operation Clean Sweep®

Munich , Jul 20, 2020

WACKER joins Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS). The initiative is committed to preventing the loss of plastic granules (flakes, powders and pellets) and their release into rivers lakes and oceans. Their goal is: Zero pellet loss

Annual global plastic production amounts to some 350 million metric tons. Around 60 percent of plastic waste is neither recycled nor reprocessed. This means that 95 percent of the value of plastics is lost after a single use. Often, they land up in the environment. Pellets from plastic production also pose a risk.

To counteract these risks, members of Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) are committed to

  • improving structures and processes to avoid plastic loss/emissions
  • developing and communicating processes to achieve the zero pellet loss goal
  • training their employees and demonstrating how everyone can contribute toward the goal
  • using in-house audits to reinforce a zero-loss mentality
  • observing local and national regulations on containment of plastic particles
  • motivating supply-chain partners to adhere to these rules

WACKER is investigating the extent to which its measures match conventional practice and will improve its processes with a view to zero pellet loss.

Voluntary OCS membership is another step WACKER is taking toward achieving its sustainability strategy SustainaBalance®: Footprint Down und Collaboration Beyond.

Find out more about WACKER’s sustainability strategy.


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