Carbon Dioxide Cut by Reusing Drums

Munich, Apr 01, 2020

Saving 462,815 kg of CO2 is equivalent to 462 flights from Munich to Dubai. That’s the amount WACKER saved by using reconditioned (cleaned and reused) transport drums.

Recycling industrial packaging is just one of the ways WACKER reduces CO2. It also has an integrated production system that recycles byproducts. This strategy supports the responsible use of resources. It avoids waste and thus minimizes emissions.

A key aim of WACKER's SustainaBalance® strategy is to lower emissions so that its ecological footprint shrinks:

  • 50 percent reduction in specific energy consumption by 2030 (versus 2007)
  • 33 percent reduction in specific emissions by 2030 (versus 2012)

To this end, WACKER focuses continuously not only on its processes for integrated production, for energy efficiency and for carbon capture and utilization, but also on harnessing the new potentials of the circular economy and fossil-free steam generation.


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