WACKER Donates €200,000 to the Unsung Heroes of the Pandemic

Munich, Dec 17, 2020

WACKER has not forgotten the unsung heroes of the pandemic – individuals mostly hidden from the public eye – who have worked tirelessly to support children and youngsters in the past few months. This Advent the company is donating a total of €200,000 to charities it has longstanding partnerships with.

2020 has not only been a tough year for the economy. Social institutions have been especially hard hit by the corona pandemic. Many aid organizations have seen donations diminish. The charitable organizations whose educational programs for children and youngsters WACKER has supported for many years are facing formidable challenges since the outbreak of the pandemic.

WACKER-Relief-Fund partner schools had hungry children knocking at their doors asking for food during lockdown. In Nepal, where there is no technical infrastructure, many teachers went from house to house to help their students learn. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world in Munich, the team from the children’s charity The Ark delivered groceries and hygiene kits to needy families. The children can’t use the digital learning programs their schools offer because they often lack electronic devices or internet access.

WACKER’s Executive Board has decided to alleviate the situation with a special donation. “Our partner organizations’ helping hand supporting those in need is generally a quiet affair that goes unnoticed by the world at large,” explained Dr. Rudolf Staudigl, president & CEO. Executive Board member Dr. Christian Hartel noted: “As we near the end of this very challenging year, we’d like to underscore our commitment with additional donations to support those who make a positive difference in the lives of disadvantaged children and youngsters by giving them prospects for the future, especially during lockdown.”

WACKER’s charitable donations amount to €200,000 in total. The children’s charity The Ark in München-Moosach and the SchlaU-Schule, which offers educational programs to young refugees, will each receive €50,000. And €100,000 will go to the WACKER Relief Fund for their partner schools in Nepal, Haiti and Kosgoda.


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