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Our "Fascination of Chemistry" podcast shows you how chemistry ensures perfectly functioning products in all areas of life

Smart Silicone Composite Hollow-Core Insulators

The “Smart Grid” is the power network of the future. Each part of this grid always knows exactly what the other parts are doing. Silicone composite hollow-core insulators fitted with integrated measuring instruments are one possible component of this grid. As a result, you get lower installation and maintenance costs, fewer malfunctions and, consequently, a more reliable power supply.

Silicones against Blackouts

WACKER silicones are helping emerging economic powers such as India ensure their power grid is fit for the future. Silicone rubber is used to manufacture new composite insulators while traditional porcelain insulators are upgraded with silicone coatings ...

A Bright Future for Climate Change

Modern LEDs still pose significant challenges for researchers. But investment in development pays off, for the little lamps are significantly more efficient and have a much longer life than to-day’s energy-saving lamps. Listen and find out how a silicone produced by WACKER can help to reduce future energy requirements still further ...

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