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The Fascination Of Chemistry – WACKER’s Audio Magazine

Our "Fascination of Chemistry" podcast shows you how chemistry ensures perfectly functioning products in all areas of life

A Poetry of Light and Color

Glass is not only a material used to produce windows and containers – it is also a substance for creating artwork. For centuries, artistic glasswork has decorated homes and been transformed into works of art. The chemical processes necessary to create this rainbow of colored glass, and the production processes employed to produce this high-quality glass, are explained in this podcast.

Shotcrete in the salt mine

When groundwater began seeping into Stetten’s salt mine, normal concrete couldn’t stop the flow. WACKER used this incident as an opportunity to test a newly-developed form of shotcrete. Hear our interview with Klaus Bonin, who heads one of WACKER’s research and development labs.

Nuremberg’s new imperial busts

Even in the world of art, you’ll find WACKER products in use. Find out how WACKER’s silicone moldmaking compounds were used to reconstruct twelve busts of Roman emperors. Listen to our talk with sculptress Anke Oltscher.


The VINNAPAS® ACADEMY seminar program offers polymer chemistry basics and key formulation expertise to construction experts from around the world.

EIFS in Syrien

Thermal insulation has become a hot topic in Syria. In fact, this Arab country has carried out its first EIFS project. We discuss this topic with Dimitrios Moussios, business development manager at Wacker Chemicals Middle East in Dubai.