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The Best of Both Worlds

A new technology for the composite dispersions in the VINNAPAS® product range combine the advantages of organic and inorganic substances. This allows the plaster to remain intact for many years despite the sun and weathering.

Taking the Heat off Cold Steel

Skyscrapers are often built on a steel framework. However, because steel can loose its stability at certain levels of heat, additional fire protection is needed for this kind of structure. Intumescent coatings based on WACKER's VAE copolymer dispersions can protect the steel framework against fire ...

Warm-Touch Stone

Stone flooring is attractive, but can be chilly underfoot. Cork flooring feels warm to the feet, but is less durable. Now there is a new type of floor covering that combines the advantages of both materials. The crucial difference in its manufacture is VINNEX® powder binders from WACKER ...

Long-Lasting Adhesives

Packaging made of corrugated cardboard can be found everywhere in the foodstuff industry. That's a good enough reason to take a closer look at how corrugated cardboard adhesive is manufactured. VINNAPAS® XD 05 from WACKER is an ideal starting material for formulating this kind of adhesive ...

Silicones for Safe Power Distribution

Electricity generated from sun and wind is fed into the grid usually via underground or undersea cables. These are complicated and expensive to lay. For this reason, the cables need to work perfectly for decades on end. Electrically-conducting silicone elastomers from the POWERSIL® product line play a key role here.