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WACKER’s Podcast Center

Radio to go

At WACKER's Podcast Center, you can listen to exciting chemistry-related topics as free and portable radio broadcasts whenever you want.

The Fascination Of Chemistry – WACKER’s Audio Magazine

Our "Fascination of Chemistry" podcast shows you how chemistry ensures perfectly functioning products in all areas of life

Constructive Alternative

Modern assembly adhesives make for extremely high-strength yet flexible bonds. WACKER’s award-winning alpha-silane technology helps manufacturers to formulate innovative adhesives without additional catalysts.

Polymers from the Southern Capital

China is WACKER's most important growth market. This is reflected at the Nanjing site, where the company is investing €40 million up to 2013 in two new production plants for vinyl acetate-ethylene dispersions and polyvinyl acetate solid resins.

Inspired by Water, Created with Concrete

How does one construct a building whose form resembles flowing water? The blueprints drawn up by the renowned architect, Zaha Hadid, presented enormous material as well as engineering challenges. Special composite concretes formulated with a binder from WACKER solved these problems ...

Innovation in the Cowshed

Both animals and humans benefit from modern dairy equipment. Because of their durability and resistance to bacterial contamination, silicones from WACKER are ideal for teat cup liners ...