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The Fascination Of Chemistry – WACKER’s Audio Magazine

Our "Fascination of Chemistry" podcast shows you how chemistry ensures perfectly functioning products in all areas of life

Tolerant Silicones

Sealants must fulfill many requirements. In this episode, we’ll explore silicone sealants and see how WACKER innovations make the introduction of new products possible

GENIOSIL® – Faster Bonding, More Reliable Foaming

Bonding is becoming an ever more attractive way of connecting objects. Increasingly, items are being bonded instead of being screwed, riveted or welded. In this episode, you’ll learn more about the fascinating history of adhesives and what the future holds for them.

Dispersion Plaster – Villa Sell

This plaster can be found on virtually any wall, though you usually only notice it when it flakes off. Today’s plaster must meet a wide range of demands, which is why WACKER is busy researching in this field. Tune in to find out how!

Sealing Slurries

Out of sight, out of mind. That’s how a lot of people see sewage and wastewater. This episode therefore focuses on sewage systems, a key invention, and the potential problems sewer maintenance involves and how to solve them.

Construction & Climate Change

Global warming is influencing the construction sector – and vice versa. We discuss this topic with Dr. Andreas Gerdes, professor of Construction Chemicals and hear about ways to conserve resources during construction and how this sector is changing due to global warming.