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Our "Fascination of Chemistry" podcast shows you how chemistry ensures perfectly functioning products in all areas of life

Long-Lasting Adhesives

Packaging made of corrugated cardboard can be found everywhere in the foodstuff industry. That's a good enough reason to take a closer look at how corrugated cardboard adhesive is manufactured. VINNAPAS® XD 05 from WACKER is an ideal starting material for formulating this kind of adhesive ...

Silicones for Safe Power Distribution

Electricity generated from sun and wind is fed into the grid usually via underground or undersea cables. These are complicated and expensive to lay. For this reason, the cables need to work perfectly for decades on end. Electrically-conducting silicone elastomers from the POWERSIL® product line play a key role here.

Protection for St. Gotthard

Tens of thousands of vehicles pass through the Gotthard road tunnel every day. In winter, they splash a large amount of water and road salts onto the tunnel walls. In a single night, the tunnel was treated with special water-repellent silanes from WACKER to prevent the salt water from penetrating into the concrete and damaging it.

Solar Power Moves into the Fast Lane

If you’ve ever done a presentation with an overhead projector, you will have come into contact with a Fresnel lens. What this is, why such lenses have potential to significantly improve solar technology, and what this has got to do with WACKER, will be revealed in this episode of our podcast.