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Empowder Your Paints

According to the German Paint and Printing Inks Industry Association, 11 million buckets of wall paint will spoil every year because they were produced without preservatives. That corresponds to a loss of around €470 million. The alternatives? Add biocides – or make them without water.

Modern wall paints are usually produced using water-based binders or raw materials. There is a drawback, however: water creates a favorable environment for bacteria and other microbes to develop and propagate. To prevent wall paints from spoiling, they frequently include biocides, which make them last longer – but are coming under increasing regulatory pressure. Awareness is also growing of the need for sustainable, pollutant-free materials.

The Alternative: Paints in Powder Form

Non-perishable, powdered paints such as those made with clay, limestone or silicates have a long tradition. Based on mineral binders such as cement, clay, potassium water glass or hydrated lime, these paints are characterized by their excellent vapor permeability. The benefits of these traditional powder paints often come at a steep price, however – processing them can be complicated, coverage is poor, and they produce less attractive results.

Powder paints based on NEXIVA® do an excellent job of covering the surface and spread well.

The Alternative 2.0: NEXIVA® Polymer Binders for Powder Paints

The NEXIVA® product line from WACKER offers a new alternative: polymer binders in dry form for powdered wall paints. These paints can be redispersed shortly before use and work without any biocides or preservatives. Small amounts can be shaken by hand, while larger amounts can be blended in a paint can with a mixer. Powder paints based on NEXIVA® can be pigmented and individually formulated.

Shaken or Stirred: Using NEXIVA® in Practice

NEXIVA® is a breeze to use: just fill a container with the amount you want, add water, stir or shake – and your interior wall paint is ready to go. Discover the many advantages of NEXIVA® polymer binders in our video:

The Advantages of NEXIVA® Binders:

  • Longer Shelf Life
    No need for biocides or preservatives, even under extreme climate conditions
  • Less Waste
    Mix up small or large batches on short notice – whatever you need
  • Suitable for Low-VOC Formulations
    Paints based on NEXIVA® can be formulated for low-VOC content (<1 g/L) and meet environmental labeling standards
  • Excellent Performance
    Adhere and spread well, offer excellent covering power and are easy to handle
  • Less Storage Space Required
    NEXIVA® is packaged in bags to optimize your use of the storage space
  • Easy to Transport
    Weighs 40% less and is packaged in bags to save space

Learn More about NEXIVA® from WACKER.

The NEXIVA® product line from WACKER represents a new class of powdered polymeric binders. Details on product properties and applications can be found in our product area.

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