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The WACKER ACADEMY Team of Instructors

Theoretical expertise and practical experience are the cornerstones of the WACKER ACADEMY team. With backgrounds in sales or technology, our experts come to the table with extensive application knowledge. They are also trained instructors and moderators with a sixth sense for current trends and market developments.

Instructors for Architectural Paints and Coatings

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Jesús Acuña

Jesús is WACKER POLYMERS’ sales manager for the Andean region. He joined WACKER in 2015 after working for Esenttia as senior R&D engineer for polypropylene. Jesús is a chemical engineer and holds an MS degree (specializing in polymers). He is currently responsible for WACKER POLYMERS’ sales and market development in the construction, adhesives and coatings industries in Colombia and Ecuador.

Gloria Alzate

Gloria joined WACKER in 2018 as a sales manager for Construction Silicones in the North Andean region (Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela). She holds a BS in Architecture and has studied Management. With more than 15 years in the construction market, Gloria previously worked for Sika and Henkel, where her responsibilities included not only technical sales, but also training architects, engineers, construction workers and other construction-related people on how to use construction chemicals in projects and at construction sites.

Amanda Andrews

Amanda joined WACKER in 2011 as a Chemist in the Construction Chemicals Business Team after working at ICI Paint, Flint Ink, Akzo Nobel and BASF. She holds an MS in Materials and Chemical Synthesis from the Illinois Institute of Technology and a BSc in Polymers and Coatings Technology from Eastern Michigan University. She is currently the Technical Manager of the Decorative Coatings, Anti-stain and Enhancers market segment.

Anna Artamonova

Anna Artamonova joined WACKER Russia in 2008 as a technical assistant for Construction Polymers. Since May 2018, she has been a technical manager for Polymer Dispersions at the Moscow technical center. She has an education in organic chemical engineering. With a focus on Coatings, she is responsible for technical support, laboratory trials and seminars for customers in Russia and CIS countries.

Gerardo Bautista

Gerardo is a chemical engineer from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), where he holds a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering (with Bioengineering as a focus). He has more than 7 years’ chemical-industry experience of technical sales for industrial applications, personal care, the household sector and now construction. He joined WACKER in 2015 as sales manager for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Gerardo provides support to construction customers in the following markets: paints, coatings, maintenance and general construction. Also, he has participated as a speaker for associations such as Mexico’s ANAFAPYT (representing paint and printing ink manufacturers), where WACKER has a presence.

Victoria Eshoo

Victoria holds a Bachelors of Chemistry from Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL. She joined Wacker in 2017 in the Decorative Coatings Group as a Chemist. She offers over 20yrs of formulating coating experience including solvent and waterbased systems as decorative and functional coatings that serve convential architectural, elastomers, electrical conductive and roof markets. Her prior employers include Valspar/Sherwin-Williams, Quest Construction Products (now part of GAF) and Sto Corp.

Cheryl Fan

Cheryl Fan is a senior technical manager at the WACKER Shanghai technical center and is in charge of technical service and support for HDK® fumed silica for Asia Pacific. She has been involved in sealants and adhesives, as well as in coatings research and development activities and product applications. Cheryl Fan joined the Shanghai center in July 2013.


Josef Gong

Josef Gong is a China technical manager at WACKER Shanghai technical center. He is mainly responsible for promotion and technical support of VAE dispersions for industrial and chemical consumer goods in China.

Ricardo Gouvea

Dr. Hardy Herold

Dr. Hardy Herold studied Chemistry at the Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen (Germany), and obtained a doctorate in the field of geophysics. After spending two years at KWU (Siemens subsidiary), he started at WACKER POLYMERS in October 1989, working in Technical Marketing, where he supported customers around the world. During this period, he spent substantial periods abroad, including as technical center head in both Moscow (Russia) and Allentown (USA). Since November 2021, Dr. Herold has been a trainer at WACKER ACADEMY Europe.

Surbahi Jain

Surabhi Jain

Surabhi Jain joined WACKER in 2020 as Manager Technical Services for Mumbai Technical Center. She holds a M.Tech. degree in Polymer Science & Technology from Indian Institute of Technology- IIT Delhi. She has about 12 years of experience in construction chemicals and applications. She supports for training customers in applications for Plaster, Skimcoat and Waterproofing membrane.

Dr. Marion Killat

Dr. Marion Killat studied and received her doctorate in chemistry at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern. Following a post-doctoral stay in the USA, she started her career at WACKER in research and development at WACKER POLYMERS. Shortly after the founding of WACKER ACADEMY, she became a member of the trainer team with a focus on various products and applications of the POLYMERS division. In 2020, she took over the management of WACKER ACADEMY Europe.

Michael Killermann

Michael Killermann joined WACKER in 1992 in the analytical department. From 1996 to 2008, he worked as a lab technician in the Building & Coatings business team, where he was in charge of technical distributor support for industrial coatings. He was recruited to the WACKER ACADEMY training team as a practical instructor in May 2008.

Dr. Ulrich Lauter

Dr. Ulrich Lauter studied chemistry in Regensburg and obtained his doctorate at the Max-Planck Institute of Polymer Research in Mainz. He first came to WACKER in 2012, following a postdoc position in the USA and 14 years at Vinnolit in the research, development and application technology department. He is currently technical service manager of the VINNOL® surface coating resins segment.

Pedro Marani

Technical Manager for Construction Silicones in South America, Pedro Marani is a Bachelor in Chemistry from University of São Paulo, Master in Polymer Chemistry from University of São Paulo and MBA in Innovation Manager from Business School Sao Paulo, with more than a decade of experience in the Construction Chemicals industry in companies such as Dow Chemical and MC-Bauchemie. Working in Wacker Brasil since 2013, his main activities are in silicone specialties for the construction and coatings industry, developing new applications and solutions for the local market.

Andrew Pearson

Andrew, a Chemist with the Construction Silicones Business Team has been with WACKER since 2014. He is responsible for formulating new and existing products for use in the decorative coatings market, as well as to give technical support to customers using WACKER products. Andrew has a BS in Molecular Biology from Liberty University. Prior to working with WACKER, he was a Quality Assurance Chemist at Chemtura / Great Lakes Chemical.

Dr. Holger Poths

Dr. Holger Poths completed his chemistry PhD, which focused on polymer synthesis. He was a technical service manager for nonwoven / textile customers for over 17 years at WACKER POLYMERS and AIR PRODUCTS POLYMERS (APP). Since 2008, he has been platform manager for nonwovens, heading three chemical labs dedicated to application development and technical service for EU customers. Since March 2012, he has been platform champion of the global competency center for nonwovens, incl. second-level technical support in Asia.

Daniela Querci

Daniela joined WACKER in 2019 as WACKER POLYMERS commercial manager for the Middle Americas region. Her previous employers included Stepan, Grupo Petroquímico Beta, Akzo Nobel/Comex and Hercules-Aqualon. She has over 15 years’ solid experience, covering market analysis, R&D, quality control and a wide range of applications (in construction, paints, architectural coatings, oilfields, personal care and the household sector). Daniela has a Chemical Engineering degree from the Technological University of Mexico and several certificates from organizations such as the IMCYC, ACI and UNAM.

Florentino Rodriguez

Florentino started at WACKER in 2019, joining the Consumer & Industrial Polymers business unit as a lab chemist for the Middle Americas. Florentino obtained his Chemical Engineering degree from the Metropolitan Autonomous University and has 7 years’ chemical-industry experience in R&D, developing paints, inks and adhesives. Today, he oversees the development and implementation of production processes. He is also responsible for providing technical support to WACKER’s customers in the coatings, adhesives and solid resin markets of the Middle Americas region.

Angelita Saul

Angelita has over 17 years’ experience in coatings and adhesives technologies, working as analytical and R&D chemist. She started working for WACKER in 2014, as a Technical Manager for dispersion polymers and special resins in Latin America region. Angelita has bachelor’s degree in Industrial Chemistry by Universidade Luterana do Brasil (ULBRA) and master’s degree in Chemistry at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), in which she has studied smart coatings and advanced techniques in anticorrosion coatings. She is currently taking her MBA in Business Administration at Fundação Getúlio Vargas.

Mark Sha

Mark Sha is a technical manager at WACKER’s Shanghai technical center. He is in charge of technical service and support for silicone oligomers in coatings and for water-resistant products in China. Mark Sha has worked in production, R&D and technical service for coatings since 1995. He joined WACKER’s Shanghai technical center in August 2005.

Moghul Sirajuddin

Moghul Sirajuddin has been working at WACKER as an Assistant Technical Service Manager in the Mumbai technical center since 2019. He is responsible for technical services, customer training and application development. He is a civil engineering graduate with a Masters by Research in Construction Materials from the Institute of Indian Technology (IIT) Madras (Chennai).

Georgy Syaduk

Georgy Syaduk graduated from Moscow State University, Chemistry department. He joined WACKER’s Construction Silicones business unit in May 2009 as a technical manager. He is responsible for laboratory trials, training, seminars and technical support for customers in Russia and CIS countries. Since May 2011, he is responsible for training facilities as head of the WACKER ACADEMY in Moscow.

Dr. Constantin Tiemeyer

Dr. Constantin Tiemeyer is a technical service manager for coatings at the Consumer & Industrial Polymers business unit. In 2010, he finished his degree in chemistry (Dipl. Chem.) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). He earned his PhD (Dr. rer. nat.) there in 2014. Since January 2019, he has been working as a technical service manager at WACKER POLYMERS’ East business team.

Ilse Vargas

Ilse joined WACKER in 2019 as a sales manager in the Consumer & Industrial Polymers business unit. Her responsibilities cover Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Her primary focus is on the adhesives and coatings markets. Ilse has 10 years’ technical and commercial experience of developing industrial and architectural coatings. She holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the Nacional Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

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