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Pharma FOLDTEC® for Production of Difficult-to-Manufacture Biopharmaceuticals with High Space/Time Yields

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Refolding is a key step in protein production and is critical to achieving proteins with the desired active properties.


  • About Wacker Biotech
  • FOLDTEC® Case Study - Refolding Development
  • FOLDTEC® Case Study - Influence of the Strain
  • Summary
  • Q&A

Seminar objectives

In this Webinar, Dr. Monique Janowski-Egler will explain how Wacker Biotech’s FOLDTEC® Protein Folding Technology is a superior approach to the manufacturing of biopharmaceutical proteins in inclusion bodies and subsequent protein refolding.

FOLDTEC® is based on highly efficient, proprietary E. coli producer strains and an antibiotic and phage-free plasmid maintenance system. Target proteins are produced up to 12 g per L fermentation medium in high-quality inclusion bodies. Comprehensive refolding know-how provides unique solutions for the sophisticated manufacture of active biopharmaceuticals.


  • FOLDTEC® strains compatible with complex media as well as defined mineral salt media
  • No need for antibiotics or undesired phage components
  • Optimized refolding productivity (highest yields with reduced folding volumes in the shortest process time)
  • Fully scalable manufacturing processes

Target audience

Pharma customers

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