WACKER Nanjing Site Holds Open-to-Public and Safety Day with Jiangbei New Material High-Tech Park

Nanjing/Shanghai, Jun 07, 2021

Under the theme of “WACKER for China 2060 Carbon Neutrality,” WACKER held a joint “Open-to-Public and Safety Day” event at its Nanjing production site in collaboration with the Jiangbei New Material High-Tech Park on June 4. Activities included an onsite discussion on reducing emissions in production, a simulated emergency scenario and a presentation on WACKER polymer product applications that reduce emissions in the construction industry. About 80 people participated in the event, including representatives from the Jiangbei New Material High-Tech Park Administration Office and Nanjing Tech University, as well as a number of company and community delegates from the Jiangbei New Area.

During the “Open-to-Public and Safety Day” event at its Nanjing production site, WACKER shared its experiences in reducing carbon footprint in production via onsite discussion.

As a company with a successful history spanning over 100 years, WACKER fully understands the importance of sustainability and has always listed it as the core element of WACKER corporate strategy. With regard to reducing CO2 emissions, the WACKER Group has set two goals, namely a 33% reduction of specific CO2 emissions (per metric ton of net production) by 2030 compared to 2012, and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 with the help of the company’s sustainable products. “We want to use the Open day event, to share WACKER’s experience in reducing its carbon footprint in production, and to help the public learn more about saving energy and reducing emissions in the construction industry. In this way, we are working with the chemical industry and with communities to support China’s 2060 carbon neutrality goal,” said Frank Shen, director of WACKER Nanjing site, during the event.

Director Liu Xiaoguo of the Jiangbei New Material High-Tech Park, who also participated in the Open Day event, observed that “WACKER is an industry leader in terms of production safety, saving energy and reducing emissions. The Open Day event gives the public a deeper understanding of the efforts the companies in the New Material High-Tech Park have made in terms of safety and environmental protection, and provides information on risk prevention and emergency response strategies. In this way, it encourages the companies and the public alike to care about, support and participate in the High-Tech Park’s safety and environmental protection work.”

WACKER’s Nanjing production site adopts a backward-integrated polymer production process that integrates all of the company’s polymer production in China into one site, thus achieving synergies in energy consumption and carbon footprint reduction. Using this as a foundation, the site continues to optimize production processes and to invest in upgrading existing facilities in order to reduce emissions further. At present, WACKER's Nanjing production site is upgrading its incinerator by installing a heat recycling system to reduce steam consumption. Once the project is completed, it is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 17,000 metric tons per year. In addition, the long-term “WACKER Operating System” program allows the WACKER Nanjing production site to continue reducing per-unit output consumption of raw materials, energy and water, and disposal of solid, liquid and gaseous waste.

The polymer products from WACKER’s Nanjing production site also provide solutions for energy conservation and emission reduction in the construction industry. For example, thin-bed tile adhesives containing WACKER’s dispersible polymer powder (DPP) can reduce cement consumption by 60%, and each metric ton of DPP can prevent 80 metric tons of CO2 emissions. External thermal insulation composite systems containing WACKER’s DPP or dispersions can likewise save up to 50% of the electricity consumed for heating or cooling buildings.


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