C-Touch & Display Shenzhen 2020: WACKER Launches One-Component UV-Curing Silicone Gel for Optical Bonding

Shenzen, Nov 19, 2020

At C-Touch & Display Shenzhen (C-Touch) 2020, WACKER will launch the LUMISIL® 1K UV one-component silicone series for optical bonding. Stored at room temperature, LUMISIL® 1K UV can be used directly without the need for blending. Its unique UV-delay curing mechanism can eliminate side curing processes in shadow areas, and so can enhance production efficiency significantly. It is ideal for the optical bonding of large vehicle-mounted screens. C-Touch 2020 takes place in Shenzhen, China, from November 19 to 21.

LUMISIL® 1K UV, WACKER’s novel one-component silicone series for optical bonding can be used directly without blending. It can significantly enhance production efficiency and is ideal for large vehicle-mounted screens. (Photo: WACKER)

Current commercial silicone products for optical bonding are all two-component products, which not only require special investment in blending equipment, but also may cause incomplete curing, due to insufficient mixing, and lead to poor performance in highly demanding applications, such as large vehicle-mounted screens. To help users to reduce equipment investment and avoid insufficient mixing of two-component products, WACKER has developed the novel one-component silicone series LUMISIL® 1K UV which can be used directly without blending. With viscosity values ranging from 2,000 to 45,000 mPa s, products can be tailored to match the requirements of different processes at the customer end.

Compared to non-silicone optical bonding products, such as acrylic-based material, the LUMISIL® 1K UV grades need neither refrigerated transportation and storage, nor complicated process to recover to room temperature. Thanks to WACKER’s unique UV-delay curing technology, products can be cured quickly after UV irradiation. This eliminates secondary curing processes in shadow areas. Ensuring reliable bonding of screens and significantly enhancing production efficiency, LUMISIL® 1K UV is ideal for highly demanding applications, such as large display and touch screens for vehicle-mounted navigation systems.

Visit WACKER at C-Touch 2020, Booth V16, Hall 1


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