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Textile & Leather

No two fabrics or leathers are the same.

The quality of a material depends on the raw materials used, the processing method and the processing auxiliaries employed. How was the material made and finished?

How can it be soft and resilient at the same time? Are the colors vibrant and do they stay that way when washed repeatedly? Does the fabric drape well? Is it elastic? Is the leather nice and supple?

WACKER supplies a range of products to help you to modify a given property to meet demanding customer requirements, e.g. soft hand feel, moisture absorption, wearing comfort, flame resistance, dimensional stability, abrasion resistance and permanent wash resistance.

With brands such as ELASTOSIL®, WETSOFT®, ADVALON®, VINNAPAS® and VINNOL® dispersions, WACKER offers a wide product portfolio that will enhance your products and make your manufacturing processes much simpler and more efficient.

Textiles and Leather – WACKER ACADEMY Seminars

Would you like to develop materials that will generate excitement? Then take a closer look at WACKER products. In our seminars, you will receive concrete, practical information on how to use our products to produce high-quality, pleasant textiles and leather products.

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