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Egg-Free & Vegan Bakery

Egg-Free and Vegan

Health-conscious and ecologically minded consumers are driving the “free-from” and vegan trends by asking for foodstuffs that do not contain any egg or other animal-based raw materials. Replacing eggs can be very challenging, however, as they represent an essential, multifunctional ingredient in a great many top-of-the-range pastries. This is where WACKER comes in by presenting a solution for up to 100% egg replacement, while continuing to fulfill the quality and sensory expectations of consumers: CAVAMAX ® W6.

The Role CAVAMAX ® W6 Plays in Making Top-of-the-Range Pastries

Eggs are an essential ingredient in top-of-the-range pastries. They affect the batter’s ease of processing, not to mention quality parameters, such as the end product’s volume, texture, taste and shelf life. Health concerns relating to avian flu and fipronil have greatly increased demand for egg substitutes. Eggs are an expensive ingredient subject to considerable fluctuations in availability and pricing. The demand for egg-free alternatives is not due solely to the ever-growing number of vegans; more and more flexitarians are cutting down, either for ethical or ecological reasons, on the amount of animal-based products they consume.

CAVAMAX ® W6 makes it possible to bake top-of-the-range pastries that are not only egg-free, but also vegan. Through its interaction with the ingredients of the batter, CAVAMAX ® W6 greatly improves the cohesion and elasticity of the crumb. At the same time, CAVAMAX ® W6 ensures that the droplets of fat and bubbles of gas are spread evenly throughout the batter, producing an ideal pore structure in the finished cake. Made by enzymatic conversion of starch, CAVAMAX ® W6 is produced in a patented process from renewable raw materials. It is a naturally occurring oligosaccharide composed of six glucose molecules. CAVAMAX ® W6 can be used to replace up to 100% of the egg required in a recipe and is suitable for a great many applications – such as pound cake, sponge cake, muffins and yeast-dough products.

CAVAMAX ® W6 enjoys key advantages:

  • Excellent influence on texture and taste
  • Easy-to-formulate powder mixtures possible
  • Made from renewable plant-based raw materials
  • Vegan, kosher and halal
  • Clean label (no E-numbers)
  • Non-GMO grade

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