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Tile Adhesives & Tile Grouts

Polymer-modified tile adhesives allow large-format tiles to be applied bottom down by the thin-bed technique.

VINNAPAS® polymer binders enhance the performance of tile adhesives, allowing them to be customized to a variety of tiles and substrates and making it possible to use the thin-bed technique. The properties of tile grouts are also optimized by the addition of VINNAPAS® polymer binders.

VINNAPAS® polymer binders improve the performance of cementitious tile adhesives and optimize their cost-performance ratio. The significant increase in adhesion, open time and flexibility makes it possible to lay nonporous or large format tiles even on difficult substrates, such as wood or other tiles. Special VINNAPAS® grades enhance additional features such as hydrophobicity or thixotropy.

1-component (1K) cementitious system

Dry-Mix Mortars
For the formulation of dry-mix mortars, WACKER offers VINNAPAS® polymer powders.

1K Pasty Adhesives and 2K Adhesives
Ready-to-use, premixed 1K pasty adhesives and 2K cementitious tile adhesives can be made using VINNAPAS® polymer dispersions.

1-component (1K) ready-to-use system


  • Excellent adhesion to different substrates under a wide range of conditions
  • Longer open and correction times even at high ambient temperatures
  • Improved cohesive strength
  • Improved flexibility to prevent cracking resulting from stress between the substrate and the tile
  • Suitable for existing formulations
  • Compatible with VINNAPAS® VAE dispersions
  • Compatible with acrylic-based binders

2-component (2K) cementitious system

Application Spectrum:

  • Natural and artificial stones
  • Floor and wall tiles
  • Small and large format tiles
  • Porous and nonporous tiles
  • Highly vitrified tiles
  • Mineral and non-mineral substrates

VINNAPAS® polymer powders improve the durability and visual appearance of grouts.


  • Higher flexibility and better mechanical properties
  • Protection against water penetration thanks to greatly improved adhesion to tile edges and reduced shrinkage
  • Increased deformability and improved abrasion resistance
  • Higher hydrophobicity and water repellency when using VINNAPAS® H Class polymer powders
  • High durability

Abrasion Resistance of Polymer-Modified Tile Grouts

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Application Spectrum:

  • Natural and artificial stones
  • Floor and wall tiles
  • Small and large tiles
  • Porous and nonporous tiles
  • Interior and exterior