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The WACKER ACADEMY Team of Instructors

The WACKER ACADEMY team is available all over the world to further your professional development. We offer customized seminars and education solutions for your business needs – in theory and practice, and in keeping with the state of the art. Our certified instructors and moderators will share their knowledge, bringing to bear their curiosity, expertise and comprehensive understanding of new trends and markets.

Instructors at the WACKER ACADEMY of South Korea (Pangyo)

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Il-Joon Choi

Before joining WACKER in 2013, Il-Joon Choi worked as a technical and sales manager in the construction industry for 9 years. Il-Joon Choi is a technical manger for construction dispersions and polymer powders at the WACKER Seoul technical center. In addition to dry-mix mortars, he also has extensive experience in infrastructure and concrete. Since 2018, he has worked on new concrete business development in the Asia region.

DooJin Kang

He wrote a master’s thesis on organosilicon chemistry. DooJin Kang joined WACKER in 2006 as a technical manager for the Silicone Elastomers business unit. Before joining WACKER, DooJin Kang had gained technical experience in developing chemical products for display and optoelectronics applications. He now is a product development and technical customer service team leader for automotive, electronics and medical applications at WACKER.

Chul-Kyu Kang

Before joining WACKER in 2010, Chul-kyu worked at Henkel & Lucky Silicone since 2003. He is currently the Application Development & Technical Support manager for the Construction Sealants & Adhesives business team in Asia. He has 15 years of experience with construction silicone sealants & adhesives – including hybrid materials.

Kyunghak Kim

SeJong Kim

SeJong Kim joined Wacker Chemicals Korea in 2015 as a technical manager in the Performance Silicones business team. He has 17 years of experience in silicones working as a researcher and business planner in a variety of different industries, including silicone polymers for the chemical and consumer industries, silicone monomers for photovoltaic applications and precursors for semiconductor applications. He is now the technical manager for Performance Silicones at Wacker Chemicals Korea.

Kyoungmo Koo

Kyoungmo Koo joined Wacker Chemicals Korea in 2017 as part of the Construction Silicones team. From 2009 to 2017, he worked as a researcher in the Insulation & Fire-Resistance development team. There he took part in the development work of fire-resistance paint and the testing of water-repellents in insulating materials. He has worked as a technical manager for Construction Silicones at Wacker Chemicals Korea since March 2017.

Seung-A Lee

Seung-A Lee joined WACKER in 2014 in the CoEE (Center of Excellence Electronics) and has 18 years of experience in electronic materials R&D. From 2014 to 2018 she developed optical bonding materials for sectors such as automotive and consumer electronics. She is now the technical manager for Consumer Electronics.

Woo-Jae Lee

Woo-Jae Lee joined the AD/TS team for the Industrial Coating Polymers market segment at Wacker Chemicals Korea in 2012. He holds a master’s degree in Organic Synthesis and over 15 years he has gained extensive experience with a variety of waterborne dispersions. He is currently the technical manager for the Adhesives and Carpet & Paper market segments in the NEA/SEA/ANZ territories.

Sungjin Park


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