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Personal Care BELSIL® Specialty Products for Consumer Care

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This seminar presents the range of WACKER’s high-quality consumer care products and addresses the unique silicone properties and specialty applications of BELSIL®.


Basic chemical knowledge, cosmetics



  • Basic silicone chemistry
  • Overview of various silicone compounds for consumer care
  • Introduction to the function of silicone products
  • Measurement method
  • Global market trends


  • Sensory evaluation

Seminar language

English, Korean

Seminar objectives

Silicones from WACKER offer a versatile and unrivaled balance of properties that have established them as indispensable additives in a great many cosmetic-industry segments. The BELSIL® family offers an impressive example of how high-quality additives can be used to tailor innovative cosmetic products.

Target audience

Technical and managerial employees from applications technology and R&D organizations within the cosmetics and personal care industries

Fee (includes value-added tax)

Charges applicable

Number of participants

5 - 12


SeJong Kim

SeJong Kim joined Wacker Chemicals Korea in 2015 as a technical manager in the Performance Silicones business team. He has 17 years of experience in silicones working as a researcher and business planner in a variety of different industries, including silicone polymers for the chemical and consumer industries, silicone monomers for photovoltaic applications and precursors for semiconductor applications. He is now the technical manager for Performance Silicones at Wacker Chemicals Korea.


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