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Textile & Leather Silicones in Textile Finishing

Instructor-led training | Customers & Distributors


This seminar explains the significance and mechanism of silicones in textile finishing, and introduces key applications, test methods, standards and testing.


Basic knowledge of chemistry


Introduction to silicone chemistry; the significance and mode of action of silicones in different finishing effects; key applications (comfort management, moisture management, soil-release management, structure management, color management and wellness management, including the use of silicones in antifoaming agents to ensure a smooth and efficient production process); key tests and standards; performing tests in the laboratory

Seminar objectives

This two-day seminar on silicones in textile finishing contains a good mix of theoretical and practical training. The course offers interesting and diversified insight into the world of silicones, including their advantages and applications in finishing processes.

Target audience

Technical and R&D personnel (with a basic knowledge of chemistry)

Fee (includes value-added tax)

0.00 CNY

Number of participants

5 - 15


Frank Shi

Frank Shi graduated from ECTEI (Donghua University) in 1982 and then worked at the Shanghai Textile Research Institute. He was involved in and headed many Shanghai and textile bureau research projects, where he published more than 10 papers in the core journals. He joined WACKER’s Shanghai technical center in 2000. He works as a senior technical manager at the center and is responsible for technical service and support for textile technology in China.