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Automotive & Transport Introduction to WACKER Silicones for Rubber Compounding

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This seminar presents the range of WACKER’s high-quality silicone products for silicone rubber compounding applications. Content also includs a guide to proper silicone product selection for all rubber applications.


Basic knowledge of chemistry and rubber compounding


  • Short introduction to WACKER
  • Introduction to the peroxide- and platinum-catalyst-curing system
  • Introduction to silicone rubber applications
  • Silicone compounding guide for molding and extrusion processes
  • Special additives

Seminar language

English, Korean

Seminar objectives

This course will introduce basic silicone product characteristics, and will provide support guidelines for proper silicone rubber compounding, peroxide crosslinkers and special additives

Target audience

Development engineers working for silicone rubber compounders, sales managers working for WACKER distributors, new employees of WACKER SER

Fee (includes value-added tax)

Charges applicable

Number of participants

3 - 20


Trainer: DooJin Kang, Kyunghak Kim
Trainer: DooJin Kang, Kyunghak Kim


DooJin Kang

He wrote a master’s thesis on organosilicon chemistry. DooJin Kang joined WACKER in 2006 as a technical manager for the Silicone Elastomers business unit. Before joining WACKER, DooJin Kang had gained technical experience in developing chemical products for display and optoelectronics applications. He now is a product development and technical customer service team leader for automotive, electronics and medical applications at WACKER.

Kyunghak Kim


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