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Founded a century ago, WACKER is a chemical company where responsibility comes first.

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As a well-established company, WACKER adheres to the key principles of responsibility and sustainable development. It strives to maintain a balance between economy, ecology and society, and at the same time, to advance the company’s own development. Dedicated to the environment and to benefiting society as a whole, WACKER treats its customers, employees and society in a highly responsible way. WACKER strongly believes that the success of our employees is the prerequisite for WACKER’s success.

Its company management is consistently staff-oriented – actively protecting the interests of employees. WACKER is committed to employee growth along with corporate development, enhancing the creative initiative and latent potential of employees while creating room for further self-development.

Staff Training and Development

We are committed to staff development, especially internal development opportunities for our employees. Innovation at work is encouraged.

WACKER has a good employee-development system. Depending on the job, we will design development plans tailored to the employees’ specific needs.

Employer Excellence China 2018


In China, WACKER has been recognized as “Top Employers ” and “100 Best Human Resource Management (HRM) Companies” for several times.

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Wacker Chemicals (China) Co., Ltd.

Wacker China Headquarters
3 Bldg., 1535 Hongmei Road
Caohejing Hi-Tech Park
Shanghai 200233
China (Mainland)
+86 21 6130-2000

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