Our Vision

We develop intelligent solutions for sustainable growth

As an innovative chemical company, WACKER makes a vital contribution to improving people’s quality of life around the world. We want to continue developing and supplying solutions that meet our own expectations of adding value for our customers and shareholders, and growing sustainably.

Our Five Strategic Goals

1. We are further expanding our production capacities with capital expenditures below depreciation.

Expansion will focus on less capital-intensive plants for making intermediates and downstream products in specific regions.

2. We want to grow faster than the chemical-sector average.

We are ideally positioned thanks to not only our new capacities and our intensified expansion in emerging markets and regions, but also our products' substituting competitor products, our product innovations and the higher ratio of specialties in our portfolio.

3. We want to achieve attractive margins with our products.

Our target here is to generate an EBITDA margin of > 16 percent for our chemical divisions and > 30 percent for our polysilicon business.

4. We will focus even more closely on sustainability.

To operate and act sustainably is a clear priority: not only are we developing a wide range of sustainable products to reduce CO2 emissions, we are also stepping up resource-saving production by using efficient plant processes and by lowering our consumption of raw materials and energy.

5. We will increase our cash inflow from operating activities.

Through a combination of higher sales, lower capital expenditure and further efficiency measures and cost savings, we will increase our operating cash flow and give our shareholders a larger share in the profits.

Our Overriding Goals

WACKER Products and Solutions Are Our Customers’ First Choice

All of our activities focus on our customers’ needs. Satisfied customers are the basis of our success.

We are constantly working on enhancing our product quality and improving our services. The better we succeed at this, the more we can grow with our customers, deepen our understanding of their needs and provide them with higher added value.

To achieve this, WACKER focuses on direct contact and on exchanging information personally. Through our technical competence centers and the WACKER ACADEMY, we work closely with customers to develop tailored solutions. Our strength lies in our long-term relationships, based on trust, with the people in our markets.

We Want to Be One of the Best Employers

Our employees’ health and safety are our greatest assets.

At WACKER, the success we achieve together is based on a supportive and challenging environment. We ensure that our employees can develop their skills, realize their potential, assume responsibility, take initiative and contribute their own ideas by offering them basic and advanced training opportunities. What we expect is a performance-oriented mindset, coupled with sound professional and social skills.

To this end, we want to provide secure jobs, exceptional employee benefits and a work culture that facilitates a positive work-life balance. While our focus is clearly on commercial success, we highly value teamwork based on mutual reliance, trust and fairness.

We Tap New Markets via Product and Process Innovations for Tomorrow’s World

We develop products that are vital for tomorrow’s world. That’s why we invest in research and development. Our innovative strength is reflected in the high sales percentage of new products.

We are skilled at transferring newly developed production processes to globally competitive manufacturing plants. At WACKER, innovation also means “making what is good even better.” Our “Wacker Operating System” (WOS) program aims at systematically optimizing our processes. Employees receive the necessary training at our own WOS academies.

As the quality and cost leader in many of our business sectors, we realize that “becoming better is a never-ending process.”

We Continuously Increase Our Company’s Value

WACKER sees itself as a performance-oriented company, geared toward increasing its long-term value. Economic success is essential for pursuing and achieving our strategic goals.

Our annual sales should grow at a faster rate than total global GDP. We want to be among the most profitable companies in our industry. That is why value-based management is an integral part of our corporate policies. We measure our success against clearly defined indicators and continuously focus on earning more than our cost of capital.

We want to be among the top three suppliers in each of our business sectors. To this end, we always strive to increase our competitive edge – in cost, quality and technology.

Our Responsibility as a Company Extends Beyond Our Business Activities

Our commitment to sustainability encompasses ecological, economic and social aspects. Our actions are guided by the underlying principles of the UN’s Global Compact and the chemical industry’s Responsible Care® initiative.

Our products, technologies and processes meet the highest standards. For years, sustainability has been an integral part of WACKER’s production and business processes. One of our greatest strengths is our closed material loops, where we use byproducts from one production stage as starting materials for making other products. This reduces our consumption of energy and other resources.

Driven by our deeply rooted values, we take on social responsibility. We do so near our sites and wherever people are in distress around the world.

Society’s trust in our actions is an essential component of our long-term economic success.