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Household and Cleaning Products – WACKER ACADEMY Seminars

Modern detergents, fabric softeners and polishes have to accommodate a wide range of sophisticated demands. When you participate in practical WACKER ACADEMY seminars, you will learn how WACKER products meet these high standards.

Household and Cleaning Products in Theory and Practice

Demand for powerful, time-saving household products is huge, as they simplify our day-to-day lives and increase our quality of life. In WACKER ACADEMY seminars, we will show you how to use our products to meet consumer demands and respond to trends with an eye to the needs of the market. Our silicone-based solutions produce a variety of effects in household care products, and, when combined with conventional organic products, they offer an environmentally sound, cost-efficient alternative.

Our instructors base our WACKER ACADEMY seminars on expertise and dialog in order to maximize the benefit to you. All of our seminars are extremely practical: we turn your applications, products and solutions into opportunities for sharing our thoughts and form the focus of laboratory training.

Course Offerings for Household and Cleaning Products

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Household & Cleaning Solutions Silicone Products for Household Care

USA (Adrian, Allentown, Dalton) Instructor-led training Distributors, Customers

This seminar will show you how to use silicones in your household care formulations.

Upon request

Household & Cleaning Solutions Technical Service Course: Household Care & Tissue

Europe (Burghausen) Instructor-led training Distributors, Customers

Upon request

Household & Cleaning Solutions WACKER LIOSIL® Tissue additives – Making Tissues soft and functional

Europe (Burghausen) Webinar Distributors

This training will enable you to better understand the “tissue language” spoken from tissue producers and to know what WACKER can offer for the tissue industry. This will support you to better promote successfully our LIOSIL® TS additives.The term tissue covers products such as toilet paper, handkerchiefs, kitchen towels, napkins, paper towels and facial tissues. All these articles of daily use must meet the highest expectations from customers. Tissue products are expected to be soft, cheap, tear resistance, hygienic and are supposed to combine all this with a nice sensorial profile.To enable tissue producers to achieve all these characteristics, additives are added during and after the production process. WACKER offers under the trade name LIOSIL® TS products, which allows exactly to yield this multi – functionality. Our products are especially well suited to improve the softness and sensorial profile of tissue products. Applying even a small amount of these yields a noticeable improvement in the properties of sanitary paper products.In this basic training we will introduce you to all aspects of the tissue industry.

Upon request


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Instructors for Household and Cleaning Products

In our seminars, you will benefit from the expertise of our highly qualified instructors. Here you will find an overview of our instructors along with additional information.

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