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Silicone Rubber Dispersions

ELASTOSIL ® RD and POWERSIL ® dispersions are dispersions of silicone rubbers in organic solvents. They are supplied as 1- or 2-component products and are accordingly condensation- or addition-curing. Their low viscosity allows them to be applied in extremely thin coats. This makes them ideal for industrial coating applications.

Products from the ELASTOSIL ® RD series are chiefly used for coating technical textiles. They yield exceptionally dry, hard-wearing surfaces needed for, e.g. protective clothing.

In the energy sector, POWERSIL ® dispersions are mostly sprayed onto insulators and onto cable accessories in production to render them water-repellent or electrically conducting.

SILICONES – Definition and Properties

Find out more about silicones and their properties, as well as the variety of potential applications.

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