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Plastic Crosslinking

Crosslinking polyethylene with WACKER’s GENIOSIL® vinyl silanes is the established method to produce crosslinkable compounds for high-quality cable insulation (XLPE) and durable pipe applications (PEX). GENIOSIL® vinyl-silane-crosslinked polyethylene provides higher-quality end products.

 Beleuchtungstechnik UND Plastic Crosslinking

The storage and processing stability of silane crosslinkable polyethylene compounds can be boosted using the pre-curing retarder WACKER® SILANE HD-Trimethoxy.


  • Higher service temperature
  • Better heat aging
  • Higher environmental stress cracking resistance
  • Better creep resistance than non-crosslinked thermoplastic materials such as polyethylene and PVC


  • Silane crosslinking
  • Cable and pipe manufacture