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Resin Modification for Coatings

With its SILRES® intermediates, WACKER offers a wide range of both liquid methoxyfunctional and solid hydroxyfunctional intermediates that can be reacted with polyesters, medium-oil alkyds and acrylics to improve the characteristics of purely-organic-based surface coatings. Typical end applications include coil and wood coatings.

Adding SILRES® intermediates renders coatings more resistant to permanent exposure to aggressive climatic effects, such as acid rain and intense UV radiation.


  • Extended durability
  • Improved chalking behavior
  • Higher gloss and color stability
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Very good moisture resistance
  • UV radiation resistance


SILRES® intermediates are ideal for cooking with acrylic resins to produce binders. A concentration as low as 15% improves weathering resistance without affecting mechanical properties such as hardness and adhesion.