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Industrial Wood Coatings

WACKER offers different highly specialized solutions for industrial wood coatings.

Topcoats in Conjunction with Nitrocellulose, Shellac or Other Resins

VINNOL® vinyl chloride co- and terpolymers improve important chracteristics of industrial wood coatings, especially when used for topcoats in conjunction with nitrocellulose, shellac or other resins. Adding VINNOL® resin allows for very good protection while preserving the wood grain.


  • Improved chemical stability
  • Higher flexibility
  • Increased impact resistance
  • Optimized color fastness
  • Reduces bleeding

Topcoats for Wood in Outdoor Applications

SILRES® methoxy- and hydroxy-functional intermediates serve as silicone modifiers for organic binders, providing weathering protection for outdoor top coats.

Solvent-based and Solventless UV Systems

HDK® pyrogenic silica is used for controlling the rheology and improving anti-settling behavior.