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Highly transparent liquid silicone rubber, room-temperature-curing silicone elastomers and innovative silicone additives from WACKER support new designs and production methods in lighting technology, and primary and secondary optics. A global market leader in silicone products, WACKER offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for applications in the fields of chip encapsulation, lens fabrication, and LED production.

SEMICOSIL® two-pack, room-temperature-curing silicone rubber compounds serve as gap fillers in LED encapsulation.

Advantages of LUMISIL® in Primary Optics:

  • Optimum processing efficiency in LED production
  • Optimized viscosity and cure properties
  • High stability to light
  • Effective barrier to harmful environmental factors, e.g. damp and UV rays
  • Heat resistant to 180 °C

Highly transparent, room-temperature-curing ELASTOSIL® RTV silicone rubber compounds serve as optical encapsulants for, e.g., LED strips while special ELASTOSIL® grades are used for SOG (silicone on glass) applications.

Advantages of LUMISIL® in Secondary Optics:

  • Highly heat resistant - up to 180 °C
  • Great low-temperature flexibility - down to -50 °C
  • Excellent weathering and UV resistance
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Outstanding dielectric properties that remain largely constant over a wide range of temperatures and frequencies
  • Water-repellent surfaces and low moisture absorption
  • Low modulus of elasticity
  • High chemical purity

Advantages of Injection Molding

  • Greater productivity - highly automated, no assembly required
  • Efficient process - short cycle times, no secondary finishing of parts, highly reliable
  • Maximum quality - less risk of damage during production
  • Simplified logistics - one article drawing, one processor, one quality control, one article number
  • Addition-Cure ELASTOSIL® and SEMICOSIL® RTV-2 silicone rubber
  • Condensation-cure, heat-cure SILRES® methyl silicone resin and PM silicone resin as binder and additive
  • Addition-cure ELASTOSIL® liquid silicone rubber for molded parts
  • Condensation-cure ELASTOSIL® and addition-cure SEMICOSIL® RTV-1 and RTV-2 silicone rubber for bonding and sealing
  • Addition-cure ELASTOSIL® RTV-2 silicone rubber and silicone foam for sealing